Nanmoku Village(Mura)'s Labourers(Comparison Chart,Transition Graph)

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Nanmoku Village(Mura)'s Labourers(Comparison Chart,Transition Graph)
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Nanmoku Village(Nanmoku Mura)'s Labourers (Transition,Comparison with other Cities and Towns)

Let's get to know "Nanmoku Village(Nagano)'s Labourers" using Graphs and Charts.

What does "Labourers" mean?[null],null

Nanmoku Village's Labourers

Nanmoku Village(Nagano)'s "Labourers" is 90person.(2015's Research)

Nanmoku Village's Labourers(2015)
Nanmoku Village90person

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details
The newest updated about survey by Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for 2015.
(Confirmed on April 9, 2021, 12:00 am.)
Statistical data for 2021 will be reflected immediately upon release.

Transition Chart Of Nanmoku Village's Labourers(2000 - current year)

So how has the current "90person" Labourers in Nanmoku Village(Nagano) changed compared to the past?

The following transition graph(line chart) shows "Labourers" in Nanmoku Village from 2000 to 2015.

Animation Chart showing the yearly change

*Here is a chart that shows the transition from 2000 to 2015 as a moving year-by-year graph. It is also comparable to the Total Population.

*Population data for Nanmoku Village is based on the national census and basic resident register population (total number).

Overall view of the chart (still image))

This is the overall chart of the Nanmoku Village' Labourers graph above.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

※Click here to download "Nanmoku Village's Labourers(2000 - 2015)" for free.🔽

(You can also open it in EXCEL.)
※【data detail】
Line 1:Years, Line 2:Labourers

Also below is a list of "Nanmoku Village's Labourers" from 2000 to 2015. 👆Scrollable horizontally.

A list of data on Nanmoku Village's Labourers(2000 to 2015) 👆Scrollable horizontally

If you look at the graph above of "Nanmoku Village's Labourers", you will see that the data for 2005 is the highest, and the data for 2015, the latest year for which statistics are available, is lower than that.

However, it is higher than the previous year's figure of "80" in 2010, so it is highly likely that "Nanmoku Village's Labourers" will rise again in the future.

Also, if you are looking for Skilled workers , please refer to this page for a special feature for your consideration.
➡ Nanmoku Village's Skilled workers

Trends and comparisons of Nanmoku Village's Total Population from the past to the present are featured here.
→ Nanmoku Village(Nagano)'s Population transition
Nanmoku Village(Nagano)'s Population transition

Comparison Bar Graph(Hight or Low? Nanmoku Village vs Taiji Town(Wakayama) vs Shinshinotsu Village(Hokkai do) )

How low or high is "Nanmoku Village's Labourers"?

Comparing Labourers in Nanmoku Village, Taiji Town(Wakayama) and Shinshinotsu Village(Hokkai do)

First, let's compare "Labourers" in Taiji Town(Wakayama) and Shinshinotsu Village(Hokkai do), which have closest Population to Nanmoku Village.

*Funahashi Village(Toyama) and Tomamae Town(Hokkai do) is the third or fourth City with the closest "Population" to Nanmoku Village.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

A chart comparing Labourers in Taiji Town(Wakayama) and Shinshinotsu Village(Hokkai do), which have similar Population to Nanmoku Village.
Funahashi Village(Toyama)3,16190person
Taiji Town(Wakayama)3,066160person
Nanmoku Village(Nagano)3,11390person
Shinshinotsu Village(Hokkai do)3,03390person
Tomamae Town(Hokkai do)3,034140person

Looking at the table above comparing Labourers, we see that

Compare Nanmoku Village more with other Cities and Towns

We are developing a graphing tool to compare data from Nanmoku Village. Please select a City for comparison from the select box below.

※If the City names don't show up, try clicking on it twice.

Consideration of "Labourers" of Nanmoku Village in Nagano Prefecture

Here is an easy-to-understand explanation, using tables and graphs, of where Nanmoku Village ranks in Nagano Prefecture. ("Labourers")

Nanmoku Village's "Labourers" is the 64th highest in Nagano.

The following is a ranking chart of "Labourers" in Nagano Prefecture.

A ranking chart of "Labourers" in Nagano Prefecture:Nanmoku Village is in 64th place.
1Nagano CityNagano Citychart11,340
2Matsumoto CityMatsumoto Citychart8,760
3Ueda CityUeda Citychart4,730
4Iida CityIida Citychart3,680
5Saku CitySaku Citychart3,560
6Azumino CityAzumino Citychart2,890
7Shiojiri CityShiojiri Citychart2,550
8Chikuma CityChikuma Citychart2,410
9Ina CityIna Citychart2,040
10Nakano CityNakano Citychart2,000
11Chino CityChino Citychart1,860
12Suzaka CitySuzaka Citychart1,650
13Komoro CityKomoro Citychart1,510
14Suwa CitySuwa Citychart1,360
15Okaya CityOkaya Citychart1,260
16Omachi CityOmachi Citychart1,220
17Komagane CityKomagane Citychart1,210
18Tomi CityTomi Citychart1,180
19Minowa TownMinowa Townchart930
20Iiyama CityIiyama Citychart900
21Tatsuno TownTatsuno Townchart650
22Karuizawa TownKaruizawa Townchart640
23dataMiyota Townchart630
24Minamiminowa VillageMinamiminowa Villagechart580
24Shimosuwa TownShimosuwa Townchart580
26Matsukawa TownMatsukawa Townchart570
27dataKiso gun kiso Townchart550
28Yamanouchi TownYamanouchi Townchart530
29Fujimi TownFujimi Townchart500
30Hanishina gun sakaki TownHanishina gun sakaki Townchart480
30dataTakamori Townchart480
32Hakuba VillageHakuba Villagechart450
33Matsukawa VillageMatsukawa Villagechart430
34dataIizuna Townchart410
35dataSakuho Townchart390
36Obuse TownObuse Townchart350
36Yamagata VillageYamagata Villagechart350
38Iijima TownIijima Townchart340
39dataShinano Townchart330
40dataTakayama Villagechart320
41Tateshina TownTateshina Townchart310
42Kitaazumigun ikeda TownKitaazumigun ikeda Townchart300
43Takagi VillageTakagi Villagechart280
44Miyada VillageMiyada Villagechart270
44Suwa gun hara VillageSuwa gun hara Villagechart270
46Toyooka VillageToyooka Villagechart260
47Chiisagata gun nagawa TownChiisagata gun nagawa Townchart220
47Koumi TownKoumi Townchart220
49Achi VillageAchi Villagechart210
49Kiso gun agematsu TownKiso gun agematsu Townchart210
51Nakagawa VillageNakagawa Villagechart200
52Asahi VillageAsahi Villagechart190
53Kijimadaira VillageKijimadaira Villagechart180
53Otari VillageOtari Villagechart180
55Anan TownAnan Townchart170
55Chikuhoku VillageChikuhoku Villagechart170
55Kiso gun kiso VillageKiso gun kiso Villagechart170
58Nagiso TownNagiso Townchart160
58dataShimojo Villagechart160
60dataChiisagata gun aoki Villagechart140
60dataKiso gun okuwa Villagechart140
62Nozawaonsen VillageNozawaonsen Villagechart130
63dataOgawa Villagechart100
64dataNanmoku Villagechart90
64Omi VillageOmi Villagechart90
66dataKawakami Villagechart80
67dataIkusaka Villagechart70
68dataNeba Villagechart60
68dataShimominochi gun sakae Villagechart60
68Tenryu VillageTenryu Villagechart60
71Yasuoka VillageYasuoka Villagechart50
72dataKiso gun otaki Villagechart30
72dataKitaaiki Villagechart30
72Minamiaiki VillageMinamiaiki Villagechart30
72dataOshika Villagechart30
76dataHiraya Villagechart20
76Urugi VillageUrugi Villagechart20

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

Share(Percentage) of Nanmoku Village in Nagano

Furthermore, based on the ranking table above, we have created the following graph showing the percentage share of "Labourers" of Nanmoku Village in Nagano Prefecture.

The grand totals for the entire population of Nagano Prefecture are 71960person.
*This is the total of 77 municipalities for which data is available.

And "Labourers" of Nanmoku Village is 90person, which gives us a 0.125% share of the entire Nagano Prefecture.

Average and median values in Nagano

We also surveyed the average and median "Labourers" in Nagano Prefecture, and created the following graph comparing it to Nagano.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

A list comparing "Labourers" of Nanmoku Village with the median and average values in Nagano Prefecture.
Nanmoku Village90person

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

From the table here, we see that Nanmoku Village's "Labourers" is

Where does Nanmoku Village rank in Japan in terms of the "Labourers"?

We will use tables and graphs to explain in an easy-to-understand manner how Nanmoku Village ranks in terms of "Labourers" in all of Japan.

Nanmoku Village ranks 1639th in Japan in "Labourers"

Firstly, let's look at "Labourers" of Nanmoku Village, using a ranking chart to see where it ranks among all Cities and Towns in Japan.

"Labourers" ranking chart for all of Japan (by City): Nanmoku Village is ranked 1639th
1639dataChippubetsu Townchart90
1639Funahashi VillageFunahashi Villagechart90
1639dataKozagawa Townchart90
1639dataKumage gun kaminoseki Townchart90
1639dataNanmoku Villagechart90
1639Niki TownNiki Townchart90
1639Omi VillageOmi Villagechart90
1639Rusutsu VillageRusutsu Villagechart90
1639dataShimukappu Villagechart90
1639Shinshinotsu VillageShinshinotsu Villagechart90

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

More detailed "Labourers" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City)

In this ranking table for all of Japan, Nanmoku Village ranks 1639th out of 1739 Cities and Towns for which statistics are available, indicating that Nanmoku Village is one of the Cities in Japan with a relatively low level of "Labourers".

Below is a graph that shows the yearly changes in the Japan ranking of "Labourers" and which cities or prefectures are in the top 10.

Top 10 Cities by "Labourers"

More detailed "Labourers" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City) are all available here for your reference.
→ "Labourers" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City)"Labourers" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City)

Average and Median values for Japan vs Nanmoku Village

The following bar chart compares the average and median of "Labourers" with Nanmoku Village.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

A list of Nanmoku Village's "Labourers" compared to the median (900) and average (2,343) of all Japanese Cities
Nanmoku Village90person

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

From the table here, we can see that "Nanmoku Village's Labourers" is 2,253 lower than the average.

Moreover, when compared to the median of 900, we can see that Nanmoku Village's Labourers "90person" is more than half lower than the median.

License and DataSet
Title"Nanmoku Village's Labourers"
Period2000 to 2015
LicenseCC BY 4.0
SourceStatistics Dashboard ( by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications - This service uses the API feature of Statistics Dashboard, but the contents of this service are not guaranteed by the Statistics Bureau of Japan.

Use of Data and Images, Quotation, and License (Copyright)

Moreover, you can see a full list of over 400 types of statistical information on Nanmoku Village(Nagano) on this page.

Nanmoku Village's All Statistics Japan Ranking

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Frequently Asked Questions about "Nanmoku Village's Labourers"

What is the latest data on "Labourers" in Nanmoku Village?The latest "Labourers" in Nanmoku Village that we can find in 2022 is 90person. This data is from the 2015 Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications survey and is in unit of person. More details.
By what percentage did "Labourers" in Nanmoku Village increase from the previous year?It has increased by 12.5% from the previous year (2010). And "Labourers" in the previous year is 80.00person Show the trend graph from 2000 to 2015.
When was the last year that Nanmoku Village's "Labourers" was at its highest?The year 2005 was the highest year. (116.00person)
When was the last year that Nanmoku Village's "Labourers" was at its lowest?The year 2000 was the lowest year. (80.00person)
What is Nanmoku Village's ranking in Japan (by City) for "Labourers"?Nanmoku Village is ranked 1639th in Japan (by City).View the ranking table of "Labourers".
Which Cities have a similar value of "Labourers" to Nanmoku Village?Kumage gun kaminoseki Town (90person) and Niki Town (90person) have very similar data.
How many times is "Labourers" in Nanmoku Village compared to the average in Japan?It is 0.04 times lower than the average in Japan.Find out more.
Is Nanmoku Village's Labourers higher than the median in Japan?It is 10 times lower than the median in Japan.