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Toyokoro Town(Cho)'s Shop proprietors(Comparison Chart,Transition Graph) | GraphToChart

Toyokoro Town(Cho)'s Shop proprietors(Comparison Chart,Transition Graph)

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Toyokoro Town(Cho)'s Shop proprietors(Comparison Chart,Transition Graph)
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Toyokoro Town(Toyokoro Cho)'s Shop proprietors (Transition,Comparison with other Cities and Towns)

Let's get to know "Toyokoro Town(Hokkai do)'s Shop proprietors" using Graphs and Charts.

What does "Shop proprietors" mean?[null],null

Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors

Toyokoro Town(Hokkai do)'s "Shop proprietors" is 10person.(2015's Research)

Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors(2015)
CityShop proprietors
Toyokoro Town10person

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details
The newest updated about survey by Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for 2015.
(Confirmed on April 9, 2021, 12:00 am.)
Statistical data for 2021 will be reflected immediately upon release.

Transition Chart Of Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors(2000 - current year)

So how has the current "10person" Shop proprietors in Toyokoro Town(Hokkai do) changed compared to the past?

The following transition graph(line chart) shows "Shop proprietors" in Toyokoro Town from 2000 to 2015.

Animation Chart showing the yearly change

*Here is a chart that shows the transition from 2000 to 2015 as a moving year-by-year graph. It is also comparable to the Total Population.

*Population data for Toyokoro Town is based on the national census and basic resident register population (total number).

Overall view of the chart (still image))

This is the overall chart of the Toyokoro Town' Shop proprietors graph above.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

※Click here to download "Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors(2000 - 2015)" for free.🔽

(You can also open it in EXCEL.)
※【data detail】
Line 1:Years, Line 2:Shop proprietors

Also below is a list of "Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors" from 2000 to 2015. 👆Scrollable horizontally.

A list of data on Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors(2000 to 2015) 👆Scrollable horizontally
Shop proprietors[person]22.0018.0010.0010.00

Looking at the above graph of "Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors", we can see that the data for 2015, the latest year available, is the lowest.

In particular, when comparing the latest data with 2000, the year with the highest data "Shop proprietors", there is a 2.2-fold difference, showing how "Shop proprietors" has decreased.

Also, if you are looking for Directors, please refer to this page for a special feature for your consideration.
➡ Toyokoro Town's Directors

Trends and comparisons of Toyokoro Town's Total Population from the past to the present are featured here.
→ Toyokoro Town(Hokkai do)'s Population transition
Toyokoro Town(Hokkai do)'s Population transition

Comparison Bar Graph(Hight or Low? Toyokoro Town vs Toei Town(Aichi) vs Ogata Village(Akita) )

How low or high is "Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors"?

Comparing Shop proprietors in Toyokoro Town, Toei Town(Aichi) and Ogata Village(Akita)

First, let's compare "Shop proprietors" in Toei Town(Aichi) and Ogata Village(Akita), which have closest Population to Toyokoro Town.

*Tsukigata Town(Hokkai do) and Tagawa gun aka Village(Fukuoka) is the third or fourth City with the closest "Population" to Toyokoro Town.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

A chart comparing Shop proprietors in Toei Town(Aichi) and Ogata Village(Akita), which have similar Population to Toyokoro Town.
CityPopulationShop proprietors
Tsukigata Town(Hokkai do)3,1170person
Toei Town(Aichi)3,13410person
Toyokoro Town(Hokkai do)3,14510person
Ogata Village(Akita)3,1640person
Tagawa gun aka Village(Fukuoka)3,13510person

Looking at the table above comparing Shop proprietors, we see that

Compare Toyokoro Town more with other Cities and Towns

We are developing a graphing tool to compare data from Toyokoro Town. Please select a City for comparison from the select box below.

※If the City names don't show up, try clicking on it twice.

Consideration of "Shop proprietors" of Toyokoro Town in Hokkai do Prefecture

Here is an easy-to-understand explanation, using tables and graphs, of where Toyokoro Town ranks in Hokkai do Prefecture. ("Shop proprietors")

Toyokoro Town's "Shop proprietors" is the 136th highest in Hokkai do.

The following is a ranking chart of "Shop proprietors" in Hokkai do Prefecture.

A ranking chart of "Shop proprietors" in Hokkai do Prefecture:Toyokoro Town is in 136th place.
RankCityShop proprietors
1Sapporo CitySapporo Citychart4,270
2Hakodate CityHakodate Citychart1,180
3Asahikawa CityAsahikawa Citychart1,150
4Otaru CityOtaru Citychart640
5Obihiro CityObihiro Citychart620
6Kushiro CityKushiro Citychart550
7Kitami CityKitami Citychart460
8Tomakomai CityTomakomai Citychart360
9Muroran CityMuroran Citychart330
10Chitose CityChitose Citychart260
11Ebetsu CityEbetsu Citychart240
12Nemuro CityNemuro Citychart200
13Iwamizawa CityIwamizawa Citychart190
13Takikawa CityTakikawa Citychart190
15Ishikari CityIshikari Citychart180
15Wakkanai CityWakkanai Citychart180
17Hokkaido date CityHokkaido date Citychart170
18Kitahiroshima CityKitahiroshima Citychart150
19Mombetsu CityMombetsu Citychart140
19Nayoro CityNayoro Citychart140
21Abashiri CityAbashiri Citychart130
21Rumoi CityRumoi Citychart130
21Shinhidaka TownShinhidaka Townchart130
24Bibai CityBibai Citychart120
24dataNanae Townchart120
26Furano CityFurano Citychart110
26dataMori Townchart110
28Iwanai TownIwanai Townchart100
28Noboribetsu CityNoboribetsu Citychart100
28dataYakumo Townchart100
31Eniwa CityEniwa Citychart90
31dataMatsumae Townchart90
31Sunagawa CitySunagawa Citychart90
31Urakawa TownUrakawa Townchart90
31Yoichi TownYoichi Townchart90
36dataBihoro Townchart80
36dataEngaru Townchart80
36Fukagawa CityFukagawa Citychart80
36Hokkaido hokuto CityHokkaido hokuto Citychart80
36dataMakubetsu Townchart80
36Nakashibetsu TownNakashibetsu Townchart80
36Shibetsu CityShibetsu Citychart80
36dataShiraoi Townchart80
36Toyako TownToyako Townchart80
45Ashibetsu CityAshibetsu Citychart70
45dataKushiro Townchart70
45dataMemuro Townchart70
45dataOtofuke Townchart70
45Teshikaga TownTeshikaga Townchart70
45dataTobetsu Townchart70
51dataAkkeshi Townchart60
51Higashikawa TownHigashikawa Townchart60
51dataSetana Townchart60
51dataSoyasogoshinkokyoku esashi Townchart60
51Yubari CityYubari Citychart60
56dataAshoro Townchart50
56dataBetsukai Townchart50
56Biei TownBiei Townchart50
56dataHaboro Townchart50
56Hidaka TownHidaka Townchart50
56dataKamifurano Townchart50
56Kuriyama TownKuriyama Townchart50
56Kutchan TownKutchan Townchart50
56Mikasa CityMikasa Citychart50
56dataOshamanbe Townchart50
56dataShari Townchart50
67Akabira CityAkabira Citychart40
67Hamanaka TownHamanaka Townchart40
67Hiroo TownHiroo Townchart40
67dataHiyamashinkokyoku esashi Townchart40
67Honbetsu TownHonbetsu Townchart40
67Naganuma TownNaganuma Townchart40
67dataOkushiri Townchart40
67dataRausu Townchart40
67dataShibecha Townchart40
67dataShibetsu Townchart40
67Yubetsu TownYubetsu Townchart40
78dataAbira Townchart30
78dataBifuka Townchart30
78Erimo TownErimo Townchart30
78Fukushima TownFukushima Townchart30
78Kikonai TownKikonai Townchart30
78dataKunneppu Townchart30
78Moseushi TownMoseushi Townchart30
78Mukawa TownMukawa Townchart30
78Nanporo TownNanporo Townchart30
78Niseko TownNiseko Townchart30
78Numata TownNumata Townchart30
78dataSaroma Townchart30
78dataShimizu Townchart30
78dataShiranuka Townchart30
78dataTaiki Townchart30
78dataTokachisogoshinkokyoku ikeda Townchart30
78Toma TownToma Townchart30
78dataToyotomi Townchart30
78dataUrahoro Townchart30
78Utashinai CityUtashinai Citychart30
78Yuni TownYuni Townchart30
99Assabu TownAssabu Townchart20
99Biratori TownBiratori Townchart20
99Furubira TownFurubira Townchart20
99dataHamatonbetsu Townchart20
99dataImakane Townchart20
99Kamikawa TownKamikawa Townchart20
99Kamishihoro TownKamishihoro Townchart20
99Kamisunagawa TownKamisunagawa Townchart20
99Kenbuchi TownKenbuchi Townchart20
99dataKiyosato Townchart20
99dataKoshimizu Townchart20
99Kyogoku TownKyogoku Townchart20
99Kyowa TownKyowa Townchart20
99dataMashike Townchart20
99Naie TownNaie Townchart20
99Nakasatsunai VillageNakasatsunai Villagechart20
99Niikappu TownNiikappu Townchart20
99Niki TownNiki Townchart20
99Okoppe TownOkoppe Townchart20
99Omu TownOmu Townchart20
99dataOzora Townchart20
99Rankoshi TownRankoshi Townchart20
99dataRebun Townchart20
99dataRishiri Townchart20
99dataRishirifuji Townchart20
99Samani TownSamani Townchart20
99dataShakotan Townchart20
99dataShikabe Townchart20
99dataShiriuchi Townchart20
99dataSobetsu Townchart20
99Suttsu TownSuttsu Townchart20
99dataTakasu Townchart20
99Takinoue TownTakinoue Townchart20
99dataTeshio Townchart20
99dataToyoura Townchart20
99dataTsubetsu Townchart20
99dataWassamu Townchart20
136dataAtsuma Townchart10
136dataChippubetsu Townchart10
136dataEnbetsu Townchart10
136Higashikagura TownHigashikagura Townchart10
136Hokuryu TownHokuryu Townchart10
136dataHorokanai Townchart10
136dataHoronobe Townchart10
136Kamikawasogoshinkokyoku nakagawa TownKamikawasogoshinkokyoku nakagawa Townchart10
136Kaminokuni TownKaminokuni Townchart10
136dataKamoenai Villagechart10
136Kimobetsu TownKimobetsu Townchart10
136Kuromatsunai TownKuromatsunai Townchart10
136Makkari VillageMakkari Villagechart10
136Minamifurano TownMinamifurano Townchart10
136Nakafurano TownNakafurano Townchart10
136dataNakatonbetsu Townchart10
136Nishiokoppe VillageNishiokoppe Villagechart10
136dataObira Townchart10
136dataOketo Townchart10
136dataOtobe Townchart10
136Otoineppu VillageOtoineppu Villagechart10
136Pippu TownPippu Townchart10
136Rikubetsu TownRikubetsu Townchart10
136Sarabetsu VillageSarabetsu Villagechart10
136dataSarufutsu Villagechart10
136Shihoro TownShihoro Townchart10
136Shikaoi TownShikaoi Townchart10
136dataShimamaki Villagechart10
136Shimokawa TownShimokawa Townchart10
136dataShimukappu Villagechart10
136dataShintoku Townchart10
136Shintotsukawa TownShintotsukawa Townchart10
136Shiribeshisogoshinkokyoku tomari VillageShiribeshisogoshinkokyoku tomari Villagechart10
136dataTomamae Townchart10
136Toyokoro TownToyokoro Townchart10
136dataTsurui Villagechart10
136Urausu TownUrausu Townchart10
136Uryu TownUryu Townchart10
174Aibetsu TownAibetsu Townchart0
174Akaigawa VillageAkaigawa Villagechart0
174Rusutsu VillageRusutsu Villagechart0
174Shinshinotsu VillageShinshinotsu Villagechart0
174dataShosanbetsu Villagechart0
174Tsukigata TownTsukigata Townchart0

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

Share(Percentage) of Toyokoro Town in Hokkai do

Furthermore, based on the ranking table above, we have created the following graph showing the percentage share of "Shop proprietors" of Toyokoro Town in Hokkai do Prefecture.

The grand totals for the entire population of Hokkai do Prefecture are 17380person.
*This is the total of 179 municipalities for which data is available.

And "Shop proprietors" of Toyokoro Town is 10person, which gives us a 0.058% share of the entire Hokkai do Prefecture.

Average and median values in Hokkai do

We also surveyed the average and median "Shop proprietors" in Hokkai do Prefecture, and created the following graph comparing it to Hokkai do.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

A list comparing "Shop proprietors" of Toyokoro Town with the median and average values in Hokkai do Prefecture.
NameShop proprietors
Toyokoro Town10person

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

From the table here, we see that Toyokoro Town's "Shop proprietors" is

Where does Toyokoro Town rank in Japan in terms of the "Shop proprietors"?

We will use tables and graphs to explain in an easy-to-understand manner how Toyokoro Town ranks in terms of "Shop proprietors" in all of Japan.

Toyokoro Town ranks 1574th in Japan in "Shop proprietors"

Firstly, let's look at "Shop proprietors" of Toyokoro Town, using a ranking chart to see where it ranks among all Cities and Towns in Japan.

"Shop proprietors" ranking chart for all of Japan (by City): Toyokoro Town is ranked 1574th
RankCityShop proprietors
1574Tenryu VillageTenryu Villagechart10
1574Toei TownToei Townchart10
1574dataTomamae Townchart10
1574Tone gun kawaba VillageTone gun kawaba Villagechart10
1574Toyokoro TownToyokoro Townchart10
1574Toyone VillageToyone Villagechart10
1574Toyooka VillageToyooka Villagechart10
1574dataTsurui Villagechart10
1574Uda gun mitsue VillageUda gun mitsue Villagechart10
1574Uda gun soni VillageUda gun soni Villagechart10

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

More detailed "Shop proprietors" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City)

In this ranking table for all of Japan, Toyokoro Town ranks 1574th out of 1739 Cities and Towns for which statistics are available, indicating that Toyokoro Town is one of the Cities in Japan with a relatively low level of "Shop proprietors".

Below is a graph that shows the yearly changes in the Japan ranking of "Shop proprietors" and which cities or prefectures are in the top 10.

Top 10 Cities by "Shop proprietors"

More detailed "Shop proprietors" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City) are all available here for your reference.
→ "Shop proprietors" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City)"Shop proprietors" ranking charts for all of Japan (by City)

Average and Median values for Japan vs Toyokoro Town

The following bar chart compares the average and median of "Shop proprietors" with Toyokoro Town.

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

A list of Toyokoro Town's "Shop proprietors" compared to the median (110) and average (261) of all Japanese Cities
NameShop proprietors
Toyokoro Town10person

※Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details

From the table here, we can see that "Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors" is 251 lower than the average.

Moreover, when compared to the median of 110, we can see that Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors "10person" is more than half lower than the median.

License and DataSet
Title"Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors"
Period2000 to 2015
LicenseCC BY 4.0
SourceStatistics Dashboard (https://dashboard.e-stat.go.jp/en/) by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications - This service uses the API feature of Statistics Dashboard, but the contents of this service are not guaranteed by the Statistics Bureau of Japan.

Use of Data and Images, Quotation, and License (Copyright)

Moreover, you can see a full list of over 400 types of statistical information on Toyokoro Town(Hokkai do) on this page.

Toyokoro Town's All Statistics Japan Ranking

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Frequently Asked Questions about "Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors"

What is the latest data on "Shop proprietors" in Toyokoro Town?The latest "Shop proprietors" in Toyokoro Town that we can find in 2022 is 10person. This data is from the 2015 Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications survey and is in unit of person. More details.
By what percentage did "Shop proprietors" in Toyokoro Town decrease from the previous year?It has decreased by 0% from the previous year (2010). And "Shop proprietors" in the previous year is 10.00person Show the trend graph from 2000 to 2015.
When was the last year that Toyokoro Town's "Shop proprietors" was at its highest?The year 2000 was the highest year. (22.00person)
When was the last year that Toyokoro Town's "Shop proprietors" was at its lowest?The year 2010 was the lowest year. (10.00person)
What is Toyokoro Town's ranking in Japan (by City) for "Shop proprietors"?Toyokoro Town is ranked 1574th in Japan (by City).View the ranking table of "Shop proprietors".
Which Cities have a similar value of "Shop proprietors" to Toyokoro Town?Tone gun kawaba Village (10person) and Toyone Village (10person) have very similar data.
How many times is "Shop proprietors" in Toyokoro Town compared to the average in Japan?It is 0.04 times lower than the average in Japan.Find out more.
Is Toyokoro Town's Shop proprietors higher than the median in Japan?It is 11 times lower than the median in Japan.