"Basic resident register population (Total)" ranking in Japan (by City)

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"Basic resident register population (Total)" ranking in Japan (by City)
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"Basic resident register population (Total)" ranking in Japan (by City)

Below is a graph that shows the yearly changes in the Japan ranking of "Basic resident register population (Total)" and which cities or prefectures are in the top 10.

Top 10 Cities by "Basic resident register population (Total)"

Overall ranking of "Basic resident register population (Total)" by City in Japan.

The following is a list of all the rankings by City with the highest "Basic resident register population (Total)" in Japan.(2021)

*You can even compare the Cities you've checked on a graph!

Overall ranking of "Basic resident register population (Total)" by City in Japan
RankCityBasic resident register population (Total)
1Municipal emblem of Yokohama CityYokohama Citygraph3,759,939
2Municipal emblem of Osaka CityOsaka Citygraph2,739,963
3Municipal emblem of Nagoya CityNagoya Citygraph2,300,949
4Municipal emblem of Sapporo CitySapporo Citygraph1,961,575
5Municipal emblem of Fukuoka CityFukuoka Citygraph1,562,767
6Municipal emblem of Kobe CityKobe Citygraph1,526,835
7Municipal emblem of Kawasaki CityKawasaki Citygraph1,521,562
8Municipal emblem of Kyoto CityKyoto Citygraph1,400,720
9Municipal emblem of Saitama CitySaitama Citygraph1,324,589
10Municipal emblem of Hiroshima CityHiroshima Citygraph1,194,817
11Municipal emblem of Sendai CitySendai Citygraph1,065,932
12Municipal emblem of Chiba CityChiba Citygraph974,726
13Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu CityKitakyushu Citygraph944,712
14Municipal emblem of SetaAGaya kuSetaAGaya kugraph920,372
15Municipal emblem of Osaka sakai CityOsaka sakai Citygraph831,481
16Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu CityHamamatsu Citygraph799,966
17Municipal emblem of Niigata CityNiigata Citygraph784,774
18Municipal emblem of NeriIMa kuNeriIMa kugraph740,099
19Municipal emblem of Ota  KuOta Kugraph733,672
20Municipal emblem of Kumamoto CityKumamoto Citygraph732,702
21Municipal emblem of Sagamihara CitySagamihara Citygraph718,601
22Municipal emblem of Okayama CityOkayama Citygraph708,155
23Municipal emblem of EdogGAwa kuEdogGAwa kugraph696,123
24Municipal emblem of Shizuoka CityShizuoka Citygraph694,296
25Municipal emblem of AdacCHi kuAdacCHi kugraph691,002
26Municipal emblem of Funabashi CityFunabashi Citygraph644,966
27Municipal emblem of Kawaguchi CityKawaguchi Citygraph607,373
28Municipal emblem of Kagoshima CityKagoshima Citygraph601,546
29Municipal emblem of SugiINami kuSugiINami kugraph573,504
30Municipal emblem of ItabBAshi kuItabBAshi kugraph570,213
31Municipal emblem of Hachioji CityHachioji Citygraph561,828
32Municipal emblem of Himeji CityHimeji Citygraph534,127
33Municipal emblem of KotoO kuKotoO kugraph526,301
34Municipal emblem of Utsunomiya CityUtsunomiya Citygraph521,104
35Municipal emblem of Matsuyama CityMatsuyama Citygraph509,483
36Municipal emblem of Matsudo CityMatsudo Citygraph498,457
37Municipal emblem of Ichikawa CityIchikawa Citygraph491,764
38Municipal emblem of Higashiosaka CityHigashiosaka Citygraph485,928
39Municipal emblem of Nishinomiya CityNishinomiya Citygraph484,204
40Municipal emblem of Kurashiki CityKurashiki Citygraph481,537
41Municipal emblem of Oita CityOita Citygraph478,463
42Municipal emblem of Fukuyama CityFukuyama Citygraph466,863
43Municipal emblem of KatsSUshika kuKatsSUshika kugraph463,691
44Municipal emblem of Amagasaki CityAmagasaki Citygraph462,820
45Municipal emblem of Kanazawa CityKanazawa Citygraph451,018
46Municipal emblem of Fujisawa CityFujisawa Citygraph439,416
47Municipal emblem of Machida CityMachida Citygraph429,152
48Municipal emblem of Kashiwa CityKashiwa Citygraph428,587
49Municipal emblem of Takamatsu CityTakamatsu Citygraph426,260
50Municipal emblem of Toyota CityToyota Citygraph422,225
51Municipal emblem of Toyama CityToyama Citygraph414,102
52Municipal emblem of Nagasaki CityNagasaki Citygraph411,505
53Municipal emblem of Toyonaka CityToyonaka Citygraph409,396
54Municipal emblem of Gifu CityGifu Citygraph407,387
55Municipal emblem of ShinNAgawa kuShinNAgawa kugraph406,404
56Municipal emblem of Miyazaki CityMiyazaki Citygraph402,038
57Municipal emblem of Hirakata CityHirakata Citygraph399,690
58Municipal emblem of Yokosuka CityYokosuka Citygraph396,992
59Municipal emblem of Okazaki CityOkazaki Citygraph386,252
60Municipal emblem of Ichinomiya CityIchinomiya Citygraph384,233
61Municipal emblem of Suita CitySuita Citygraph376,101
62Municipal emblem of Toyohashi CityToyohashi Citygraph375,329
63Municipal emblem of Nagano CityNagano Citygraph374,038
64Municipal emblem of Takasaki CityTakasaki Citygraph372,189
65Municipal emblem of Wakayama CityWakayama Citygraph365,166
66Municipal emblem of Nara CityNara Citygraph354,721
67Municipal emblem of Kawagoe CityKawagoe Citygraph353,260
68Municipal emblem of TokyYO kita kuTokyYO kita kugraph353,158
69Municipal emblem of Takatsuki CityTakatsuki Citygraph351,082
70Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Kohoku kuYokohama Shi Kohoku kugraph350,985
71Municipal emblem of Koshigaya CityKoshigaya Citygraph345,482
72Municipal emblem of ShinNJuku kuShinNJuku kugraph345,231
73Municipal emblem of Otsu CityOtsu Citygraph344,218
74Municipal emblem of Tokorozawa CityTokorozawa Citygraph344,216
75Municipal emblem of Maebashi CityMaebashi Citygraph335,055
76Municipal emblem of NakaANo kuNakaANo kugraph334,632
77Municipal emblem of Asahikawa CityAsahikawa Citygraph331,397
78Municipal emblem of Kochi CityKochi Citygraph325,218
79Municipal emblem of Koriyama CityKoriyama Citygraph321,394
80Municipal emblem of Naha CityNaha Citygraph320,467
81Municipal emblem of Iwaki CityIwaki Citygraph318,490
82Municipal emblem of Fukuoka Shi Higashi kuFukuoka Shi Higashi kugraph315,893
83Municipal emblem of Yokkaichi CityYokkaichi Citygraph311,347
84Municipal emblem of Kasugai CityKasugai Citygraph310,991
85Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Aoba kuYokohama Shi Aoba kugraph310,085
86Municipal emblem of Akita CityAkita Citygraph305,390
87Municipal emblem of Kurume CityKurume Citygraph304,666
88Municipal emblem of Akashi CityAkashi Citygraph304,382
89Municipal emblem of Okayama Shi Kita kuOkayama Shi Kita kugraph296,383
90Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Tsurumi kuYokohama Shi Tsurumi kugraph295,603
91Municipal emblem of Sendai Shi Aoba kuSendai Shi Aoba kugraph293,003
92Municipal emblem of ToshHIma kuToshHIma kugraph287,300
93Municipal emblem of Morioka CityMorioka Citygraph286,820
94Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Kita kuSapporo Shi Kita kugraph286,054
95Municipal emblem of Ibaraki CityIbaraki Citygraph283,233
96Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Totsuka kuYokohama Shi Totsuka kugraph282,521
97Municipal emblem of MeguURo kuMeguURo kugraph281,317
98Municipal emblem of Aomori CityAomori Citygraph278,446
99Municipal emblem of Sagamihara Shi Minami kuSagamihara Shi Minami kugraph277,388
100Municipal emblem of Tsu CityTsu Citygraph276,072
101Municipal emblem of SumiIDa kuSumiIDa kugraph275,647
102Municipal emblem of Fukushima CityFukushima Citygraph275,646
103Municipal emblem of Ichihara CityIchihara Citygraph273,771
104Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Fushimi kuKyoto Shi Fushimi kugraph273,008
105Municipal emblem of Sagamihara Shi Chuo kuSagamihara Shi Chuo kugraph271,961
106Municipal emblem of Mito CityMito Citygraph271,380
107Municipal emblem of Nagaoka CityNagaoka Citygraph266,344
108Municipal emblem of Yao CityYao Citygraph265,269
109Municipal emblem of Fukuoka Shi Minami kuFukuoka Shi Minami kugraph264,517
110Municipal emblem of Kakogawa CityKakogawa Citygraph263,134
111Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Higashi kuSapporo Shi Higashi kugraph262,298
112Municipal emblem of Fukui CityFukui Citygraph261,619
113Municipal emblem of Toukyo fuchu CityToukyo fuchu Citygraph260,255
114Municipal emblem of Kawasaki Shi Nakahara kuKawasaki Shi Nakahara kugraph259,718
115Municipal emblem of MinaATo kuMinaATo kugraph259,036
116Municipal emblem of Shimonoseki CityShimonoseki Citygraph257,553
117Municipal emblem of Hiratsuka CityHiratsuka Citygraph256,652
118Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu Shi Yahatanishi kuKitakyushu Shi Yahatanishi kugraph252,313
119Municipal emblem of Fuji CityFuji Citygraph252,243
120Municipal emblem of Tokushima CityTokushima Citygraph252,093
121Municipal emblem of Hakodate CityHakodate Citygraph251,891
122Municipal emblem of Shizuoka Shi Aoi kuShizuoka Shi Aoi kugraph251,592
123Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Midori kuNagoya Shi Midori kugraph250,280
124Municipal emblem of Soka CitySoka Citygraph250,225
125Municipal emblem of Sasebo CitySasebo Citygraph246,441
126Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Asahi kuYokohama Shi Asahi kugraph246,248
127Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Asaminami kuHiroshima Shi Asaminami kugraph244,923
128Municipal emblem of Chigasaki CityChigasaki Citygraph244,475
129Municipal emblem of Yamagataken yamagata CityYamagataken yamagata Citygraph243,684
130Municipal emblem of Tsukuba CityTsukuba Citygraph241,809
131Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Kanagawa kuYokohama Shi Kanagawa kugraph241,139
132Municipal emblem of Yamato CityYamato Citygraph240,998
133Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Nishi kuKobe Shi Nishi kugraph240,294
134Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Chuo kuSapporo Shi Chuo kugraph239,944
135Municipal emblem of Matsumoto CityMatsumoto Citygraph237,970
136Municipal emblem of Chofu CityChofu Citygraph237,815
137Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu Shi Naka kuHamamatsu Shi Naka kugraph236,837
138Municipal emblem of Fukuoka Shi Hakata kuFukuoka Shi Hakata kugraph235,319
139Municipal emblem of Kawasaki Shi Kawasaki kuKawasaki Shi Kawasaki kugraph234,569
140Municipal emblem of Takarazuka CityTakarazuka Citygraph233,499
141Municipal emblem of Kawasaki Shi Miyamae kuKawasaki Shi Miyamae kugraph233,405
142Municipal emblem of Kasukabe CityKasukabe Citygraph233,391
143Municipal emblem of Shizuoka Shi Shimizu kuShizuoka Shi Shimizu kugraph233,197
144Municipal emblem of Sendai Shi Taihaku kuSendai Shi Taihaku kugraph232,642
145Municipal emblem of Saga CitySaga Citygraph231,648
146Municipal emblem of Kawasaki Shi Takatsu kuKawasaki Shi Takatsu kugraph230,598
147Municipal emblem of ShibBUya kuShibBUya kugraph230,506
148Municipal emblem of Neyagawa CityNeyagawa Citygraph230,463
149Municipal emblem of Ageo CityAgeo Citygraph229,517
150Municipal emblem of BunkKYo kuBunkKYo kugraph226,574
151Municipal emblem of Hachinohe CityHachinohe Citygraph225,845
152Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Toyohira kuSapporo Shi Toyohira kugraph224,435
153Municipal emblem of Ota CityOta Citygraph224,217
154Municipal emblem of Atsugi CityAtsugi Citygraph223,710
155Municipal emblem of Fukuoka Shi Sawara kuFukuoka Shi Sawara kugraph220,201
156Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Tarumi kuKobe Shi Tarumi kugraph219,694
157Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Nakagawa kuNagoya Shi Nakagawa kugraph219,318
158Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Nishi kuSapporo Shi Nishi kugraph218,128
159Municipal emblem of Kure CityKure Citygraph217,690
160Municipal emblem of ArakKAwa kuArakKAwa kugraph216,535
161Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Konan kuYokohama Shi Konan kugraph214,841
162Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Kita kuKobe Shi Kita kugraph214,703
163Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Shiroishi kuSapporo Shi Shiroishi kugraph214,050
164Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Higashinada kuKobe Shi Higashinada kugraph213,641
165Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Tsuzuki kuYokohama Shi Tsuzuki kugraph213,423
166Municipal emblem of Isesaki CityIsesaki Citygraph213,274
167Municipal emblem of Kawasaki Shi Tama kuKawasaki Shi Tama kugraph212,806
168Municipal emblem of Sendai Shi Izumi kuSendai Shi Izumi kugraph212,439
169Municipal emblem of Chiba Shi Chuo kuChiba Shi Chuo kugraph210,245
170Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu Shi Kokuraminami kuKitakyushu Shi Kokuraminami kugraph210,095
171Municipal emblem of Shizuoka Shi Suruga kuShizuoka Shi Suruga kugraph209,507
172Municipal emblem of Fukuoka Shi Nishi kuFukuoka Shi Nishi kugraph208,225
173Municipal emblem of Nishitokyo CityNishitokyo Citygraph206,047
174Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Hodogaya kuYokohama Shi Hodogaya kugraph205,071
175Municipal emblem of TaitTO kuTaitTO kugraph203,647
176Municipal emblem of Itami CityItami Citygraph203,509
177Municipal emblem of Yachiyo CityYachiyo Citygraph202,176
178Municipal emblem of Matsue CityMatsue Citygraph200,772
179Municipal emblem of Nagareyama CityNagareyama Citygraph200,309
180Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Minami kuYokohama Shi Minami kugraph199,384
181Municipal emblem of Suzuka CitySuzuka Citygraph199,091
182Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Kanazawa kuYokohama Shi Kanazawa kugraph197,402
183Municipal emblem of Kodaira CityKodaira Citygraph195,543
184Municipal emblem of Kumagaya CityKumagaya Citygraph195,410
185Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Hirano kuOsaka Shi Hirano kugraph194,688
186Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Ukyo kuKyoto Shi Ukyo kugraph194,215
187Municipal emblem of Numazu CityNumazu Citygraph193,375
188Municipal emblem of Kishiwada CityKishiwada Citygraph192,736
189Municipal emblem of Fukuoka Shi Chuo kuFukuoka Shi Chuo kugraph192,654
190Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Minami kuSaitama Shi Minami kugraph192,083
191Municipal emblem of Kumamotoshi kumamoto Shi Higashi kuKumamotoshi kumamoto Shi Higashi kugraph190,779
192Municipal emblem of Yamaguchi CityYamaguchi Citygraph190,663
193Municipal emblem of Sendai Shi Miyagino kuSendai Shi Miyagino kugraph190,567
194Municipal emblem of Anjo CityAnjo Citygraph190,143
195Municipal emblem of Mitaka CityMitaka Citygraph190,126
196Municipal emblem of Odawara CityOdawara Citygraph189,425
197Municipal emblem of Higashihiroshima CityHigashihiroshima Citygraph189,369
198Municipal emblem of Joetsu CityJoetsu Citygraph189,282
199Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Nishi kuHiroshima Shi Nishi kugraph189,120
200Municipal emblem of Kofu CityKofu Citygraph187,048
201Municipal emblem of Hino CityHino Citygraph187,027
202Municipal emblem of Toyokawa CityToyokawa Citygraph186,783
203Municipal emblem of Tottori CityTottori Citygraph185,890
204Municipal emblem of Osaka izumi CityOsaka izumi Citygraph185,181
205Municipal emblem of Uji CityUji Citygraph184,995
206Municipal emblem of Tachikawa CityTachikawa Citygraph184,577
207Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Midori kuYokohama Shi Midori kugraph182,279
208Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu Shi Kokurakita kuKitakyushu Shi Kokurakita kugraph181,522
209Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Yodogawa kuOsaka Shi Yodogawa kugraph180,268
210Municipal emblem of Kawasaki Shi Asao kuKawasaki Shi Asao kugraph178,594
211Municipal emblem of Kamakura CityKamakura Citygraph177,053
212Municipal emblem of Chiba Shi Hanamigawa kuChiba Shi Hanamigawa kugraph176,932
213Municipal emblem of Kumamotoshi kumamoto Shi Chuo kuKumamotoshi kumamoto Shi Chuo kugraph176,568
214Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Moriyama kuNagoya Shi Moriyama kugraph176,342
215Municipal emblem of Hitachi CityHitachi Citygraph175,366
216Municipal emblem of Narashino CityNarashino Citygraph175,197
217Municipal emblem of Izumo CityIzumo Citygraph174,684
218Municipal emblem of Niigatashi niigata Shi Chuo kuNiigatashi niigata Shi Chuo kugraph174,507
219Municipal emblem of Chibaken sakura CityChibaken sakura Citygraph173,619
220Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Higashiyodogawa kuOsaka Shi Higashiyodogawa kugraph172,542
221Municipal emblem of Kawasaki Shi Saiwai kuKawasaki Shi Saiwai kugraph171,872
222Municipal emblem of Nishio CityNishio Citygraph171,423
223Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Joto kuOsaka Shi Joto kugraph171,040
224Municipal emblem of TokyYO chuo kuTokyYO chuo kugraph170,583
225Municipal emblem of Tomakomai CityTomakomai Citygraph170,205
226Municipal emblem of Urayasu CityUrayasu Citygraph169,918
227Municipal emblem of Iwata CityIwata Citygraph169,274
228Municipal emblem of Sagamihara Shi Midori kuSagamihara Shi Midori kugraph169,252
229Municipal emblem of Okayama Shi Minami kuOkayama Shi Minami kugraph169,197
230Municipal emblem of Takaoka CityTakaoka Citygraph168,956
231Municipal emblem of Hirosaki CityHirosaki Citygraph168,479
232Municipal emblem of Oyama CityOyama Citygraph167,888
233Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Isogo kuYokohama Shi Isogo kugraph167,759
234Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Urawa kuSaitama Shi Urawa kugraph166,257
235Municipal emblem of Niiza CityNiiza Citygraph166,208
236Municipal emblem of Obihiro CityObihiro Citygraph165,670
237Municipal emblem of Kushiro CityKushiro Citygraph165,667
238Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Minuma kuSaitama Shi Minuma kugraph163,885
239Municipal emblem of Miyakonojo CityMiyakonojo Citygraph163,571
240Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Kita kuNagoya Shi Kita kugraph163,264
241Municipal emblem of Ube CityUbe Citygraph163,112
242Municipal emblem of Matsusaka CityMatsusaka Citygraph161,998
243Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Meito kuNagoya Shi Meito kugraph161,943
244Municipal emblem of Ogaki CityOgaki Citygraph160,794
245Municipal emblem of Hadano CityHadano Citygraph160,415
246Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Suma kuKobe Shi Suma kugraph160,361
247Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Chikusa kuNagoya Shi Chikusa kugraph159,793
248Municipal emblem of Sakai Shi Kita kuSakai Shi Kita kugraph159,482
249Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Tempaku kuNagoya Shi Tempaku kugraph158,894
250Municipal emblem of Tochigi CityTochigi Citygraph158,397
251Municipal emblem of Chiba Shi Inage kuChiba Shi Inage kugraph158,277
252Municipal emblem of Hitachinaka CityHitachinaka Citygraph158,015
253Municipal emblem of Imabari CityImabari Citygraph156,254
254Municipal emblem of Niigata Shi Nishi kuNiigata Shi Nishi kugraph156,213
255Municipal emblem of Kawanishi CityKawanishi Citygraph156,204
256Municipal emblem of Ueda CityUeda Citygraph155,595
257Municipal emblem of Noda CityNoda Citygraph154,140
258Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Naka kuYokohama Shi Naka kugraph153,309
259Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Sakyo kuKyoto Shi Sakyo kugraph153,101
260Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Izumi kuYokohama Shi Izumi kugraph152,959
261Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Sumiyoshi kuOsaka Shi Sumiyoshi kugraph152,827
262Municipal emblem of Kariya CityKariya Citygraph152,598
263Municipal emblem of Kuki CityKuki Citygraph152,506
264Municipal emblem of Komaki CityKomaki Citygraph152,249
265Municipal emblem of Higashimurayama CityHigashimurayama Citygraph151,575
266Municipal emblem of Chiba Shi Mihama kuChiba Shi Mihama kugraph150,149
267Municipal emblem of Sayama CitySayama Citygraph149,826
268Municipal emblem of Chiba Shi Wakaba kuChiba Shi Wakaba kugraph149,068
269Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Kita kuSaitama Shi Kita kugraph149,045
270Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Nishikyo kuKyoto Shi Nishikyo kugraph148,753
271Municipal emblem of Tama CityTama Citygraph148,479
272Municipal emblem of Okayama Shi Naka kuOkayama Shi Naka kugraph148,027
273Municipal emblem of Musashino CityMusashino Citygraph147,643
274Municipal emblem of Yonago CityYonago Citygraph147,536
275Municipal emblem of Iruma CityIruma Citygraph147,162
276Municipal emblem of Kakamigahara CityKakamigahara Citygraph146,961
277Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Nishi kuNagoya Shi Nishi kugraph146,871
278Municipal emblem of Sakai Shi Sakai kuSakai Shi Sakai kugraph146,590
279Municipal emblem of Ashikaga CityAshikaga Citygraph146,016
280Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Minato kuNagoya Shi Minato kugraph144,968
281Municipal emblem of Fujieda CityFujieda Citygraph144,096
282Municipal emblem of Moriguchi CityMoriguchi Citygraph143,536
283Municipal emblem of Asaka CityAsaka Citygraph143,195
284Municipal emblem of Okinawa CityOkinawa Citygraph142,973
285Municipal emblem of Misato CityMisato Citygraph142,926
286Municipal emblem of Fukaya CityFukaya Citygraph142,803
287Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Minami kuHiroshima Shi Minami kugraph142,546
288Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Asakita kuHiroshima Shi Asakita kugraph142,518
289Municipal emblem of Ibaraki koga CityIbaraki koga Citygraph142,260
290Municipal emblem of Kumamoto Shi Kita kuKumamoto Shi Kita kugraph142,198
291Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Teine kuSapporo Shi Teine kugraph141,974
292Municipal emblem of Tsuchiura CityTsuchiura Citygraph141,371
293Municipal emblem of Kuwana CityKuwana Citygraph141,291
294Municipal emblem of Toda CityToda Citygraph141,033
295Municipal emblem of Shunan CityShunan Citygraph140,998
296Municipal emblem of Ishinomaki CityIshinomaki Citygraph140,824
297Municipal emblem of Sakai Shi Minami kuSakai Shi Minami kugraph140,714
298Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Saeki kuHiroshima Shi Saeki kugraph140,648
299Municipal emblem of Yaizu CityYaizu Citygraph138,921
300Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Chuo kuKobe Shi Chuo kugraph138,898
301Municipal emblem of Osaka mino CityOsaka mino Citygraph138,890
302Municipal emblem of Sakai Shi Nishi kuSakai Shi Nishi kugraph137,635
303Municipal emblem of Sendai Shi Wakabayashi kuSendai Shi Wakabayashi kugraph137,281
304Municipal emblem of Inazawa CityInazawa Citygraph136,237
305Municipal emblem of Ebina CityEbina Citygraph136,134
306Municipal emblem of Kisarazu CityKisarazu Citygraph136,034
307Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Naka kuHiroshima Shi Naka kugraph136,012
308Municipal emblem of Isahaya CityIsahaya Citygraph135,869
309Municipal emblem of Kusatsu CityKusatsu Citygraph135,850
310Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Minami kuNagoya Shi Minami kugraph135,818
311Municipal emblem of Niigata Shi Higashi kuNiigata Shi Higashi kugraph135,805
312Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Minami kuSapporo Shi Minami kugraph135,748
313Municipal emblem of Onomichi CityOnomichi Citygraph134,320
314Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Nakamura kuNagoya Shi Nakamura kugraph134,305
315Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Kita kuOsaka Shi Kita kugraph133,180
316Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Nada kuKobe Shi Nada kugraph132,905
317Municipal emblem of Kumamoto Shi Minami kuKumamoto Shi Minami kugraph132,433
318Municipal emblem of Iwakuni CityIwakuni Citygraph132,187
319Municipal emblem of Ome CityOme Citygraph132,145
320Municipal emblem of Zama CityZama Citygraph131,845
321Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Higashisumiyoshi kuOsaka Shi Higashisumiyoshi kugraph131,843
322Municipal emblem of Narita CityNarita Citygraph131,833
323Municipal emblem of Abiko CityAbiko Citygraph131,644
324Municipal emblem of Fujinomiya CityFujinomiya Citygraph131,223
325Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu Shi Higashi kuHamamatsu Shi Higashi kugraph130,485
326Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Yamashina kuKyoto Shi Yamashina kugraph130,120
327Municipal emblem of Chiba Shi Midori kuChiba Shi Midori kugraph130,055
328Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Midori kuSaitama Shi Midori kugraph129,440
329Municipal emblem of Seto CitySeto Citygraph129,166
330Municipal emblem of Osaki CityOsaki Citygraph128,297
331Municipal emblem of Iizuka CityIizuka Citygraph127,552
332Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Ikuno kuOsaka Shi Ikuno kugraph127,030
333Municipal emblem of Kokubunji CityKokubunji Citygraph126,862
334Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Atsubetsu kuSapporo Shi Atsubetsu kugraph126,274
335Municipal emblem of Fukuoka Shi Jonan kuFukuoka Shi Jonan kugraph125,958
336Municipal emblem of Yatsushiro CityYatsushiro Citygraph125,470
337Municipal emblem of Uruma CityUruma Citygraph125,338
338Municipal emblem of Kirishima CityKirishima Citygraph124,993
339Municipal emblem of Ise CityIse Citygraph124,426
340Municipal emblem of Tsuruoka CityTsuruoka Citygraph124,003
341Municipal emblem of Koganei CityKoganei Citygraph123,828
342Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Seya kuYokohama Shi Seya kugraph123,015
343Municipal emblem of Sakai Shi Naka kuSakai Shi Naka kugraph122,144
344Municipal emblem of Kashihara CityKashihara Citygraph121,444
345Municipal emblem of Nobeoka CityNobeoka Citygraph120,924
346Municipal emblem of Kadoma CityKadoma Citygraph120,536
347Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Suminoe kuOsaka Shi Suminoe kugraph120,405
348Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Sakae kuYokohama Shi Sakae kugraph120,386
349Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Higashi kuHiroshima Shi Higashi kugraph120,083
350Municipal emblem of Karatsu CityKaratsu Citygraph119,869
351Municipal emblem of Ebetsu CityEbetsu Citygraph119,815
352Municipal emblem of Daito CityDaito Citygraph119,452
353Municipal emblem of Handa CityHanda Citygraph119,418
354Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Omiya kuSaitama Shi Omiya kugraph119,322
355Municipal emblem of Ikoma CityIkoma Citygraph118,916
356Municipal emblem of Matsubara CityMatsubara Citygraph118,721
357Municipal emblem of Konosu CityKonosu Citygraph117,995
358Municipal emblem of Niihama CityNiihama Citygraph117,846
359Municipal emblem of Sano CitySano Citygraph117,358
360Municipal emblem of Nasushiobara CityNasushiobara Citygraph117,143
361Municipal emblem of Hatsukaichi CityHatsukaichi Citygraph117,045
362Municipal emblem of Aizuwakamatsu CityAizuwakamatsu Citygraph117,027
363Municipal emblem of Higashikurume CityHigashikurume Citygraph117,007
364Municipal emblem of Kakegawa CityKakegawa Citygraph116,907
365Municipal emblem of Nagahama CityNagahama Citygraph116,840
366Municipal emblem of Urasoe CityUrasoe Citygraph115,548
367Municipal emblem of Kitami CityKitami Citygraph115,435
368Municipal emblem of Hofu CityHofu Citygraph115,405
369Municipal emblem of Beppu CityBeppu Citygraph115,008
370Municipal emblem of Tokai CityTokai Citygraph114,672
371Municipal emblem of Oshu CityOshu Citygraph114,644
372Municipal emblem of Fujimino CityFujimino Citygraph114,557
373Municipal emblem of Higashiomi CityHigashiomi Citygraph113,642
374Municipal emblem of Ichinoseki CityIchinoseki Citygraph113,604
375Municipal emblem of Akishima CityAkishima Citygraph113,552
376Municipal emblem of Hakusan CityHakusan Citygraph113,496
377Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Tsurumi kuOsaka Shi Tsurumi kugraph113,342
378Municipal emblem of Kasuga CityKasuga Citygraph113,313
379Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Iwatsuki kuSaitama Shi Iwatsuki kugraph112,902
380Municipal emblem of Kazo CityKazo Citygraph112,792
381Municipal emblem of Sapporo Shi Kiyota kuSapporo Shi Kiyota kugraph112,670
382Municipal emblem of Marugame CityMarugame Citygraph112,622
383Municipal emblem of Hikone CityHikone Citygraph112,546
384Municipal emblem of Otaru CityOtaru Citygraph112,450
385Municipal emblem of Fujimi CityFujimi Citygraph112,211
386Municipal emblem of Omuta CityOmuta Citygraph111,967
387Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Abeno kuOsaka Shi Abeno kugraph111,246
388Municipal emblem of Sanda CitySanda Citygraph110,863
389Municipal emblem of Habikino CityHabikino Citygraph110,106
390Municipal emblem of Tondabayashi CityTondabayashi Citygraph109,994
391Municipal emblem of Kamagaya CityKamagaya Citygraph109,943
392Municipal emblem of Tajimi CityTajimi Citygraph109,453
393Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu Shi Nishi kuHamamatsu Shi Nishi kugraph109,396
394Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Hyogo kuKobe Shi Hyogo kugraph109,214
395Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Kita kuKyoto Shi Kita kugraph109,137
396Municipal emblem of Mishima CityMishima Citygraph109,051
397Municipal emblem of Kiryu CityKiryu Citygraph108,330
398Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Mizuho kuNagoya Shi Mizuho kugraph108,080
399Municipal emblem of Saijo CitySaijo Citygraph108,025
400Municipal emblem of Komatsu CityKomatsu Citygraph107,722
401Municipal emblem of Toride CityToride Citygraph107,236
402Municipal emblem of Inzai CityInzai Citygraph105,772
403Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Chuo kuOsaka Shi Chuo kugraph105,761
404Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Nishinari kuOsaka Shi Nishinari kugraph105,586
405Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Miyakojima kuOsaka Shi Miyakojima kugraph105,550
405Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Showa kuNagoya Shi Showa kugraph105,550
407Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Nakagyo kuKyoto Shi Nakagyo kugraph105,390
408Municipal emblem of Chikushino CityChikushino Citygraph104,616
409Municipal emblem of Ikeda CityIkeda Citygraph103,712
410Municipal emblem of Yokohama Shi Nishi kuYokohama Shi Nishi kugraph103,530
411Municipal emblem of Kawachinagano CityKawachinagano Citygraph103,332
412Municipal emblem of Chikusei CityChikusei Citygraph103,243
413Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Nishi kuOsaka Shi Nishi kugraph103,118
414Municipal emblem of Itoshima CityItoshima Citygraph102,547
415Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu Shi Minami kuHamamatsu Shi Minami kugraph102,534
416Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Chuo kuSaitama Shi Chuo kugraph102,384
417Municipal emblem of Kanoya CityKanoya Citygraph102,200
418Municipal emblem of Onojo CityOnojo Citygraph101,950
419Municipal emblem of Kani CityKani Citygraph101,557
420Municipal emblem of Sakado CitySakado Citygraph100,612
421Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Minami kuKyoto Shi Minami kugraph100,601
422Municipal emblem of Ginowan CityGinowan Citygraph100,462
423Municipal emblem of Aichiken konan CityAichiken konan Citygraph100,239
424Municipal emblem of Isehara CityIsehara Citygraph100,213
425Municipal emblem of Sakata CitySakata Citygraph100,172
426Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu Shi Hamakita kuHamamatsu Shi Hamakita kugraph100,004
427Municipal emblem of Tsuyama CityTsuyama Citygraph99,821
428Municipal emblem of Izumisano CityIzumisano Citygraph99,661
429Municipal emblem of Iida CityIida Citygraph99,539
430Municipal emblem of Saku CitySaku Citygraph98,661
431Municipal emblem of Chitose CityChitose Citygraph97,942
432Municipal emblem of Nishiyodogawa shiNishiyodogawa shigraph97,769
433Municipal emblem of Shimada CityShimada Citygraph97,748
434Municipal emblem of Omura CityOmura Citygraph97,336
435Municipal emblem of Munakata CityMunakata Citygraph97,201
436Municipal emblem of Azumino CityAzumino Citygraph97,152
437Municipal emblem of Kobe Shi Nagata kuKobe Shi Nagata kugraph97,125
438Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu Shi Moji kuKitakyushu Shi Moji kugraph96,393
439Municipal emblem of Kanuma CityKanuma Citygraph96,340
440Municipal emblem of Shibata CityShibata Citygraph96,236
441Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Sakura kuSaitama Shi Sakura kugraph95,859
442Municipal emblem of Sanjo CitySanjo Citygraph95,811
443Municipal emblem of Ashiya CityAshiya Citygraph95,616
444Municipal emblem of Kamisu CityKamisu Citygraph95,537
445Municipal emblem of Yotsukaido CityYotsukaido Citygraph95,366
446Municipal emblem of Okayama Shi Higashi kuOkayama Shi Higashi kugraph94,548
447Municipal emblem of Hanamaki CityHanamaki Citygraph94,438
448Municipal emblem of Satsumasendai CitySatsumasendai Citygraph93,581
449Municipal emblem of Saitama Shi Nishi kuSaitama Shi Nishi kugraph93,412
450Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu Shi Kita kuHamamatsu Shi Kita kugraph93,281
451Municipal emblem of Obu CityObu Citygraph92,986
452Municipal emblem of Yashio CityYashio Citygraph92,518
453Municipal emblem of Nisshin CityNisshin Citygraph92,390
454Municipal emblem of Kitakami CityKitakami Citygraph92,370
455Municipal emblem of Imizu CityImizu Citygraph92,329
456Municipal emblem of Inagi CityInagi Citygraph92,262
457Municipal emblem of Mihara CityMihara Citygraph92,009
458Municipal emblem of Fukuiken sakai CityFukuiken sakai Citygraph90,815
459Municipal emblem of Kumamoto Shi Nishi kuKumamoto Shi Nishi kugraph90,724
460Municipal emblem of Higashimatsuyama CityHigashimatsuyama Citygraph90,456
461Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Asahi kuOsaka Shi Asahi kugraph90,279
462Municipal emblem of Koka CityKoka Citygraph90,194
463Municipal emblem of Iga CityIga Citygraph89,763
464Municipal emblem of Takasago CityTakasago Citygraph89,762
465Municipal emblem of Ama CityAma Citygraph89,092
466Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Naka kuNagoya Shi Naka kugraph88,934
467Municipal emblem of Fukuroi CityFukuroi Citygraph88,286
468Municipal emblem of Mobara CityMobara Citygraph88,280
469Municipal emblem of Kameoka CityKameoka Citygraph87,847
470Municipal emblem of Gotemba CityGotemba Citygraph87,687
471Municipal emblem of Yokote CityYokote Citygraph87,452
472Municipal emblem of Seki CitySeki Citygraph87,245
473Municipal emblem of Settsu CitySettsu Citygraph86,740
474Municipal emblem of Takayama CityTakayama Citygraph86,683
475Municipal emblem of Sakai Shi Higashi kuSakai Shi Higashi kugraph86,603
476Municipal emblem of Kitanagoya CityKitanagoya Citygraph86,295
477Municipal emblem of Shikokuchuo CityShikokuchuo Citygraph85,450
478Municipal emblem of Higashiyamato CityHigashiyamato Citygraph85,317
479Municipal emblem of Naraken yamatokoriyama CityNaraken yamatokoriyama Citygraph85,308
480Municipal emblem of Chita CityChita Citygraph85,302
481Municipal emblem of Kaizuka CityKaizuka Citygraph85,120
482Municipal emblem of Ayase CityAyase Citygraph84,886
483Municipal emblem of Ushiku CityUshiku Citygraph84,868
484Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Higashinari kuOsaka Shi Higashinari kugraph84,619
485Municipal emblem of Moriyama CityMoriyama Citygraph84,511
486Municipal emblem of Wako CityWako Citygraph84,161
487Municipal emblem of Owariasahi CityOwariasahi Citygraph84,054
488Municipal emblem of Nakatsu CityNakatsu Citygraph83,808
489Municipal emblem of Komae CityKomae Citygraph83,268
490Municipal emblem of Kimitsu CityKimitsu Citygraph83,005
491Municipal emblem of Omihachiman CityOmihachiman Citygraph82,343
492Municipal emblem of Echizen CityEchizen Citygraph82,293
493Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu Shi Wakamatsu kuKitakyushu Shi Wakamatsu kugraph81,995
494Municipal emblem of Kashiwazaki CityKashiwazaki Citygraph81,755
495Municipal emblem of Muroran CityMuroran Citygraph81,579
496Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Higashi kuNagoya Shi Higashi kugraph81,353
497Municipal emblem of Nagaokakyo CityNagaokakyo Citygraph81,061
498Municipal emblem of Maizuru CityMaizuru Citygraph80,910
499Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Minato kuOsaka Shi Minato kugraph80,744
500Municipal emblem of Gyoda CityGyoda Citygraph80,236
501Municipal emblem of Akiruno CityAkiruno Citygraph80,221
502Municipal emblem of Nikko CityNikko Citygraph80,168
503Municipal emblem of Toyoka CityToyoka Citygraph79,897
504Municipal emblem of Moka CityMoka Citygraph79,871
505Municipal emblem of Natori CityNatori Citygraph79,655
506Municipal emblem of Gamagori CityGamagori Citygraph79,621
507Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Tennoji kuOsaka Shi Tennoji kugraph79,613
508Municipal emblem of Iwamizawa CityIwamizawa Citygraph79,352
509Municipal emblem of Daisen CityDaisen Citygraph79,241
510Municipal emblem of Kashiba CityKashiba Citygraph79,197
511Municipal emblem of Hanno CityHanno Citygraph79,123
512Municipal emblem of Kizugawa CityKizugawa Citygraph79,038
513Municipal emblem of Hiroshima Shi Aki kuHiroshima Shi Aki kugraph78,967
514Municipal emblem of Yonezawa CityYonezawa Citygraph78,965
515Municipal emblem of Tsubame CityTsubame Citygraph78,717
516Municipal emblem of Amakusa CityAmakusa Citygraph78,252
517Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Fukushima kuOsaka Shi Fukushima kugraph78,144
518Municipal emblem of Honjo CityHonjo Citygraph77,900
519Municipal emblem of Aira CityAira Citygraph77,711
520Municipal emblem of Katano CityKatano Citygraph77,614
521Municipal emblem of Nabari CityNabari Citygraph77,584
522Municipal emblem of Tome CityTome Citygraph77,392
523Municipal emblem of Nakatsugawa CityNakatsugawa Citygraph77,320
524Municipal emblem of Fukuchiyama CityFukuchiyama Citygraph77,061
525Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Shimogyo kuKyoto Shi Shimogyo kugraph76,594
526Municipal emblem of Ryugasaki CityRyugasaki Citygraph76,590
527Municipal emblem of Niigata Shi Akiha kuNiigata Shi Akiha kugraph76,568
528Municipal emblem of Miki CityMiki Citygraph76,565
529Municipal emblem of Shiki CityShiki Citygraph76,457
530Municipal emblem of Kunitachi CityKunitachi Citygraph76,371
531Municipal emblem of Kai CityKai Citygraph76,038
532Municipal emblem of Sukagawa CitySukagawa Citygraph75,892
533Municipal emblem of Shibukawa CityShibukawa Citygraph75,847
534Municipal emblem of Warabi CityWarabi Citygraph75,749
535Municipal emblem of Joyo CityJoyo Citygraph75,734
536Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Kamigyo kuKyoto Shi Kamigyo kugraph75,630
537Municipal emblem of Tatsuno CityTatsuno Citygraph75,554
538Municipal emblem of Tatebayashi CityTatebayashi Citygraph75,373
539Municipal emblem of Okegawa CityOkegawa Citygraph75,202
540Municipal emblem of Yurihonjo CityYurihonjo Citygraph75,040
541Municipal emblem of Kasama CityKasama Citygraph74,984
542Municipal emblem of Kiyose CityKiyose Citygraph74,905
543Municipal emblem of Izumiotsu CityIzumiotsu Citygraph74,351
544Municipal emblem of Katori CityKatori Citygraph74,330
545Municipal emblem of Tosu CityTosu Citygraph73,983
546Municipal emblem of Ishioka CityIshioka Citygraph73,649
547Municipal emblem of Inuyama CityInuyama Citygraph73,398
548Municipal emblem of Yoshikawa CityYoshikawa Citygraph73,248
549Municipal emblem of Niigata Shi Kita kuNiigata Shi Kita kugraph73,238
550Municipal emblem of Uwajima CityUwajima Citygraph73,067
551Municipal emblem of Yukuhashi CityYukuhashi Citygraph73,045
552Municipal emblem of Hekinan CityHekinan Citygraph72,822
553Municipal emblem of Chiryu CityChiryu Citygraph72,322
554Municipal emblem of Musashimurayama CityMusashimurayama Citygraph72,023
555Municipal emblem of Tanabe CityTanabe Citygraph71,947
556Municipal emblem of Dazaifu CityDazaifu Citygraph71,922
557Municipal emblem of Anan CityAnan Citygraph71,790
558Municipal emblem of Minamiarupusu CityMinamiarupusu Citygraph71,420
559Municipal emblem of Kyotanabe CityKyotanabe Citygraph70,513
560Municipal emblem of Otawara CityOtawara Citygraph70,482
561Municipal emblem of Odate CityOdate Citygraph70,423
562Municipal emblem of Yawata CityYawata Citygraph70,398
563Municipal emblem of Ritto CityRitto Citygraph70,369
564Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Naniwa kuOsaka Shi Naniwa kugraph70,134
565Municipal emblem of Eniwa CityEniwa Citygraph70,097
566Municipal emblem of Tsurugashima CityTsurugashima Citygraph69,937
567Municipal emblem of Saiki CitySaiki Citygraph69,606
568Municipal emblem of Soja CitySoja Citygraph69,602
569Municipal emblem of Kiyosu CityKiyosu Citygraph69,422
570Municipal emblem of Moriya CityMoriya Citygraph69,392
571Municipal emblem of Sabae CitySabae Citygraph69,334
572Municipal emblem of Yachimata CityYachimata Citygraph68,888
573Municipal emblem of Toyoake CityToyoake Citygraph68,827
574Municipal emblem of Fuefuki CityFuefuki Citygraph68,555
575Municipal emblem of Niigata Shi Konan kuNiigata Shi Konan kugraph68,537
576Municipal emblem of Kashiwara CityKashiwara Citygraph68,320
577Municipal emblem of Ito CityIto Citygraph67,718
578Municipal emblem of Hashima CityHashima Citygraph67,595
579Municipal emblem of Ibaraki kashima CityIbaraki kashima Citygraph67,416
580Municipal emblem of Fukutsu CityFukutsu Citygraph67,257
581Municipal emblem of ChiyYOda kuChiyYOda kugraph67,216
582Municipal emblem of Ina CityIna Citygraph67,084
583Municipal emblem of Shiojiri CityShiojiri Citygraph66,730
584Municipal emblem of Kitamoto CityKitamoto Citygraph66,022
585Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Konohana kuOsaka Shi Konohana kugraph65,992
586Municipal emblem of Kurihara CityKurihara Citygraph65,811
587Municipal emblem of Tomigusuku CityTomigusuku Citygraph65,766
588Municipal emblem of Tamana CityTamana Citygraph65,474
589Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu Shi Yahatahigashi kuKitakyushu Shi Yahatahigashi kugraph65,452
590Municipal emblem of Kaga CityKaga Citygraph65,307
591Municipal emblem of Nagoya Shi Atsuta kuNagoya Shi Atsuta kugraph65,236
592Municipal emblem of Yanagawa CityYanagawa Citygraph65,016
593Municipal emblem of Tsuruga CityTsuruga Citygraph64,970
594Municipal emblem of Sodegaura CitySodegaura Citygraph64,940
595Municipal emblem of Asahi CityAsahi Citygraph64,689
596Municipal emblem of Fujioka CityFujioka Citygraph64,355
597Municipal emblem of Mitoyo CityMitoyo Citygraph64,293
598Municipal emblem of Osaka Shi Taisho kuOsaka Shi Taisho kugraph64,243
599Municipal emblem of Fujiidera CityFujiidera Citygraph64,200
600Municipal emblem of Tenri CityTenri Citygraph64,027
601Municipal emblem of Hita CityHita Citygraph63,994
602Municipal emblem of Yamatotakada CityYamatotakada Citygraph63,781
603Municipal emblem of Nago CityNago Citygraph63,724
604Municipal emblem of Tamba CityTamba Citygraph63,235
605Municipal emblem of Shiroi CityShiroi Citygraph63,162
606Municipal emblem of Koshi CityKoshi Citygraph63,033
607Municipal emblem of Aisai CityAisai Citygraph62,648
608Municipal emblem of Joso CityJoso Citygraph62,570
609Municipal emblem of Itoman CityItoman Citygraph62,349
610Municipal emblem of Tagajo CityTagajo Citygraph62,311
611Municipal emblem of Yame CityYame Citygraph61,994
612Municipal emblem of Tendo CityTendo Citygraph61,908
613Municipal emblem of Hashimoto CityHashimoto Citygraph61,774
614Municipal emblem of Aichiken tsushima CityAichiken tsushima Citygraph61,724
615Municipal emblem of Sanyoonoda CitySanyoonoda Citygraph61,565
616Municipal emblem of Hasuda CityHasuda Citygraph61,540
617Municipal emblem of Kesennuma CityKesennuma Citygraph61,445
618Municipal emblem of Aichiken miyoshi CityAichiken miyoshi Citygraph61,277
619Municipal emblem of Chichibu CityChichibu Citygraph61,159
620Municipal emblem of Sennan CitySennan Citygraph61,149
621Municipal emblem of Kinokawa CityKinokawa Citygraph61,094
622Municipal emblem of Tahara CityTahara Citygraph60,895
623Municipal emblem of Hyuga CityHyuga Citygraph60,570
624Municipal emblem of Towada CityTowada Citygraph60,345
625Municipal emblem of Nagakute CityNagakute Citygraph60,183
626Municipal emblem of Shimotsuke CityShimotsuke Citygraph60,163
627Municipal emblem of Shirakawa CityShirakawa Citygraph60,110
628Municipal emblem of Chikuma CityChikuma Citygraph60,097
629Municipal emblem of Hukuokaken koga CityHukuokaken koga Citygraph59,645
630Municipal emblem of Zushi CityZushi Citygraph59,598
631Municipal emblem of Ogori CityOgori Citygraph59,585
632Municipal emblem of Kanonji CityKanonji Citygraph59,248
633Municipal emblem of Hukushimaken date CityHukushimaken date Citygraph59,213
634Municipal emblem of Choshi CityChoshi Citygraph59,109
635Municipal emblem of Kosai CityKosai Citygraph59,057
636Municipal emblem of Minamisoma CityMinamisoma Citygraph59,018
637Municipal emblem of Tokoname CityTokoname Citygraph59,010
638Municipal emblem of Osakasayama CityOsakasayama Citygraph58,705
639Municipal emblem of Uki CityUki Citygraph58,351
640Municipal emblem of Ishikari CityIshikari Citygraph58,282
641Municipal emblem of Murakami CityMurakami Citygraph58,238
642Municipal emblem of Kitahiroshima CityKitahiroshima Citygraph58,130
643Municipal emblem of Tamano CityTamano Citygraph57,921
644Municipal emblem of Togane CityTogane Citygraph57,743
645Municipal emblem of Takaishi CityTakaishi Citygraph57,540
646Municipal emblem of Kudamatsu CityKudamatsu Citygraph57,358
647Municipal emblem of Muko CityMuko Citygraph57,316
648Municipal emblem of Minokamo CityMinokamo Citygraph57,304
649Municipal emblem of Toki CityToki Citygraph57,294
650Municipal emblem of Fussa CityFussa Citygraph57,024
651Municipal emblem of Kitakyushu Shi Tobata kuKitakyushu Shi Tobata kugraph56,942
652Municipal emblem of Annaka CityAnnaka Citygraph56,706
653Municipal emblem of Sakurai CitySakurai Citygraph56,340
654Municipal emblem of Nogata CityNogata Citygraph56,240
655Municipal emblem of Naruto CityNaruto Citygraph56,237
656Municipal emblem of Mutsu CityMutsu Citygraph55,931
657Municipal emblem of Niigata Shi Nishikan kuNiigata Shi Nishikan kugraph55,772
658Municipal emblem of Takizawa CityTakizawa Citygraph55,605
659Municipal emblem of Miyakojima CityMiyakojima Citygraph55,577
660Municipal emblem of Shijonawate CityShijonawate Citygraph55,417
661Municipal emblem of Minamiuonuma CityMinamiuonuma Citygraph55,354
662Municipal emblem of Chino CityChino Citygraph55,332
663Municipal emblem of Mizuho CityMizuho Citygraph55,325
664Municipal emblem of Hidaka CityHidaka Citygraph55,294
665Municipal emblem of Shigaken konan CityShigaken konan Citygraph55,033
666Municipal emblem of Usa CityUsa Citygraph54,845
667Municipal emblem of Hamura CityHamura Citygraph54,725
668Municipal emblem of Naka CityNaka Citygraph54,440
669Municipal emblem of Hanyu CityHanyu Citygraph54,304
670Municipal emblem of Iwade CityIwade Citygraph53,995
671Municipal emblem of Imari CityImari Citygraph53,948
672Municipal emblem of Kyotango CityKyotango Citygraph53,674
673Municipal emblem of Nihommatsu CityNihommatsu Citygraph53,654
674Municipal emblem of Nonoichi CityNonoichi Citygraph53,563
675Municipal emblem of Bando CityBando Citygraph53,550
676Municipal emblem of Shiogama CityShiogama Citygraph53,474
677Municipal emblem of Goshogawara CityGoshogawara Citygraph53,204
678Municipal emblem of Hannan CityHannan Citygraph53,102
679Municipal emblem of Kagoshimaken izumi CityKagoshimaken izumi Citygraph53,097
680Municipal emblem of Sado CitySado Citygraph53,055
681Municipal emblem of Hamada CityHamada Citygraph52,605
682Municipal emblem of Shiraoka CityShiraoka Citygraph52,475
683Municipal emblem of Tomiya CityTomiya Citygraph52,431
684Municipal emblem of Asakura CityAsakura Citygraph52,160
685Municipal emblem of Sakaide CitySakaide Citygraph52,142
686Municipal emblem of Tsukubamirai CityTsukubamirai Citygraph52,110
687Municipal emblem of Aki gun fuchu TownAki gun fuchu Towngraph52,101
688Municipal emblem of Nichinan CityNichinan Citygraph51,878
689Municipal emblem of Arao CityArao Citygraph51,646
690Municipal emblem of Noshiro CityNoshiro Citygraph51,409
691Municipal emblem of Yuki CityYuki Citygraph51,266
692Municipal emblem of Hiroshimaken miyoshi CityHiroshimaken miyoshi Citygraph51,234
693Municipal emblem of Nanao CityNanao Citygraph51,178
694Municipal emblem of Tokamachi CityTokamachi Citygraph51,125
695Municipal emblem of Susono CitySusono Citygraph51,085
696Municipal emblem of Yasu CityYasu Citygraph50,983
697Municipal emblem of Yamaga CityYamaga Citygraph50,800
698Municipal emblem of Miyako CityMiyako Citygraph50,562
700Municipal emblem of Hikari CityHikari Citygraph50,431
701Municipal emblem of Chita gun higashiura TownChita gun higashiura Towngraph50,342
702Municipal emblem of Suzaka CitySuzaka Citygraph50,340
703Municipal emblem of Sammu CitySammu Citygraph50,336
704Municipal emblem of Hitachiota CityHitachiota Citygraph50,278
705Municipal emblem of Satte CitySatte Citygraph50,256
706Municipal emblem of Omitama CityOmitama Citygraph50,250
707Municipal emblem of Midori CityMidori Citygraph50,186
708Municipal emblem of Tomisato CityTomisato Citygraph50,077
709Municipal emblem of Nomi CityNomi Citygraph49,905
710Municipal emblem of Ishigaki CityIshigaki Citygraph49,848
711Municipal emblem of Kameyama CityKameyama Citygraph49,564
712Municipal emblem of Chikugo CityChikugo Citygraph49,532
713Municipal emblem of Kainan CityKainan Citygraph49,508
714Municipal emblem of Nanto CityNanto Citygraph49,492
715Municipal emblem of Suwa CitySuwa Citygraph49,193
716Municipal emblem of Ena CityEna Citygraph49,096
717Municipal emblem of Takahama CityTakahama Citygraph49,088
718Municipal emblem of Oamishirasato CityOamishirasato Citygraph48,960
719Municipal emblem of Koza gun samukawa TownKoza gun samukawa Towngraph48,933
720Municipal emblem of Gosen CityGosen Citygraph48,906
721Municipal emblem of Okaya CityOkaya Citygraph48,825
722Municipal emblem of Takeo CityTakeo Citygraph48,637
723Municipal emblem of Shima CityShima Citygraph48,370
724Municipal emblem of Kikugawa CityKikugawa Citygraph48,290
725Municipal emblem of Kasuya gun kasuya TownKasuya gun kasuya Towngraph48,246
726Municipal emblem of Fujiyoshida CityFujiyoshida Citygraph48,183
727Municipal emblem of Hokota CityHokota Citygraph48,160
728Municipal emblem of Hyogoken ono CityHyogoken ono Citygraph48,146
729Municipal emblem of Tonami CityTonami Citygraph48,088
730Municipal emblem of Iwakura CityIwakura Citygraph48,075
731Municipal emblem of Inashiki gun ami TownInashiki gun ami Towngraph48,070
732Municipal emblem of Izunokuni CityIzunokuni Citygraph48,016
733Municipal emblem of Kikuchi CityKikuchi Citygraph47,990
734Municipal emblem of Higashine CityHigashine Citygraph47,808
735Municipal emblem of Hioki CityHioki Citygraph47,781
736Municipal emblem of Tomioka CityTomioka Citygraph47,756
737Municipal emblem of Takashima CityTakashima Citygraph47,544
738Municipal emblem of Sanuki CitySanuki Citygraph47,310
739Municipal emblem of Kasaoka CityKasaoka Citygraph47,160
740Municipal emblem of Nankoku CityNankoku Citygraph46,941
741Municipal emblem of Noboribetsu CityNoboribetsu Citygraph46,833
742Municipal emblem of Tagawa CityTagawa Citygraph46,781
743Municipal emblem of Ako CityAko Citygraph46,693
744Municipal emblem of Numata CityNumata Citygraph46,673
745Municipal emblem of Kasuya gun shime TownKasuya gun shime Towngraph46,612
746Municipal emblem of Kitakata CityKitakata Citygraph46,602
747Municipal emblem of Yamanashi hokuto CityYamanashi hokuto Citygraph46,531
748Municipal emblem of Minamiawaji CityMinamiawaji Citygraph46,447
749Municipal emblem of Kurayoshi CityKurayoshi Citygraph46,255
750Municipal emblem of Himi CityHimi Citygraph45,867
751Municipal emblem of Tateyama CityTateyama Citygraph45,767
752Municipal emblem of Hokkaido hokuto CityHokkaido hokuto Citygraph45,657
753Municipal emblem of Masuda CityMasuda Citygraph45,635
754Municipal emblem of Hagi CityHagi Citygraph45,508
755Municipal emblem of Inabe CityInabe Citygraph45,401
756Municipal emblem of Shinshiro CityShinshiro Citygraph45,245
757Municipal emblem of Ina TownIna Towngraph44,959
758Municipal emblem of Ogi CityOgi Citygraph44,953
759Municipal emblem of Nanjo CityNanjo Citygraph44,924
760Municipal emblem of Makinohara CityMakinohara Citygraph44,775
761Municipal emblem of Kobayashi CityKobayashi Citygraph44,634
762Municipal emblem of Sugito TownSugito Towngraph44,482
763Municipal emblem of Minamishimabara CityMinamishimabara Citygraph44,440
764Municipal emblem of Shimabara CityShimabara Citygraph44,386
765Municipal emblem of Tochigiken sakura CityTochigiken sakura Citygraph44,329
766Municipal emblem of Yatomi CityYatomi Citygraph44,300
767Municipal emblem of Maniwa CityManiwa Citygraph44,245
768Municipal emblem of Niigata Shi Minami kuNiigata Shi Minami kugraph44,134
769Municipal emblem of Otofuke TownOtofuke Towngraph44,045
770Municipal emblem of Aichi gun togo TownAichi gun togo Towngraph44,014
771Municipal emblem of Nakano CityNakano Citygraph43,969
772Municipal emblem of Akaiwa CityAkaiwa Citygraph43,925
773Municipal emblem of Iwanuma CityIwanuma Citygraph43,917
774Municipal emblem of Sunto gun nagaizumi TownSunto gun nagaizumi Towngraph43,601
775Municipal emblem of Chita gun taketoyo TownChita gun taketoyo Towngraph43,588
776Municipal emblem of Kasai CityKasai Citygraph43,482
777Municipal emblem of Futtsu CityFuttsu Citygraph43,436
778Municipal emblem of Sennan gun kumatori TownSennan gun kumatori Towngraph43,407
779Municipal emblem of Yuzawa CityYuzawa Citygraph43,383
780Municipal emblem of Awaji CityAwaji Citygraph43,131
781Municipal emblem of Shimotsuma CityShimotsuma Citygraph43,095
782Municipal emblem of Kikuchi gun kikuyo TownKikuchi gun kikuyo Towngraph42,841
783Municipal emblem of Unzen CityUnzen Citygraph42,783
784Municipal emblem of Sumoto CitySumoto Citygraph42,781
785Municipal emblem of Kitaibaraki CityKitaibaraki Citygraph42,651
786Municipal emblem of Amami CityAmami Citygraph42,622
787Municipal emblem of Nukata gun kota TownNukata gun kota Towngraph42,581
788Municipal emblem of Miura CityMiura Citygraph42,444
789Municipal emblem of Ozu CityOzu Citygraph42,004
790Municipal emblem of Komoro CityKomoro Citygraph41,988
791Municipal emblem of Ora gun oizumi TownOra gun oizumi Towngraph41,718
792Municipal emblem of Minamiashigara CityMinamiashigara Citygraph41,650
793Municipal emblem of Mie gun komono TownMie gun komono Towngraph41,643
794Municipal emblem of Nakagami gun yomitan VillageNakagami gun yomitan Villagegraph41,642
795Municipal emblem of Agano CityAgano Citygraph41,372
796Municipal emblem of Nagayo TownNagayo Towngraph41,369
797Municipal emblem of Itoigawa CityItoigawa Citygraph41,336
798Municipal emblem of Uozu CityUozu Citygraph41,224
799Municipal emblem of Kasumigaura CityKasumigaura Citygraph41,200
800Municipal emblem of Nakama CityNakama Citygraph40,992
801Municipal emblem of Tambasasayama CityTambasasayama Citygraph40,845
802Municipal emblem of Kurobe CityKurobe Citygraph40,808
803Municipal emblem of Sagae CitySagae Citygraph40,719
804Municipal emblem of Sakuragawa CitySakuragawa Citygraph40,606
805Municipal emblem of Hitachiomiya CityHitachiomiya Citygraph40,590
806Municipal emblem of Gujo CityGujo Citygraph40,573
807Municipal emblem of Haebaru TownHaebaru Towngraph40,375
808Municipal emblem of Kato CityKato Citygraph40,265
809Municipal emblem of Yoshinogawa CityYoshinogawa Citygraph40,184
810Municipal emblem of Aiko gun aikawa TownAiko gun aikawa Towngraph39,977
811Municipal emblem of Mitsuke CityMitsuke Citygraph39,908
812Municipal emblem of Nishiwaki CityNishiwaki Citygraph39,871
813Municipal emblem of Inashiki CityInashiki Citygraph39,806
814Municipal emblem of Ibusuki CityIbusuki Citygraph39,763
815Municipal emblem of Higashimatsushima CityHigashimatsushima Citygraph39,588
816Municipal emblem of Misawa CityMisawa Citygraph39,323
817Municipal emblem of Ibara CityIbara Citygraph39,284
818Municipal emblem of Takikawa CityTakikawa Citygraph39,264
819Municipal emblem of Mibu TownMibu Towngraph39,096
820Municipal emblem of Maibara CityMaibara Citygraph38,525
821Municipal emblem of Naka gun tokai VillageNaka gun tokai Villagegraph38,376
822Municipal emblem of Sakai Shi Mihara kuSakai Shi Mihara kugraph38,313
823Municipal emblem of Hiroshimaken fuchu CityHiroshimaken fuchu Citygraph38,204
824Municipal emblem of Iruma gun miyoshi TownIruma gun miyoshi Towngraph38,135
825Municipal emblem of Yasugi CityYasugi Citygraph37,740
826Municipal emblem of Usuki CityUsuki Citygraph37,610
827Municipal emblem of Shibata gun shibata TownShibata gun shibata Towngraph37,598
828Municipal emblem of Katsuragi CityKatsuragi Citygraph37,562
829Municipal emblem of Kahoku gun tsubata TownKahoku gun tsubata Towngraph37,551
830Municipal emblem of Tagata gun kannami TownTagata gun kannami Towngraph37,540
831Municipal emblem of Miyako gun kanda TownMiyako gun kanda Towngraph37,451
832Municipal emblem of Ama gun kanie TownAma gun kanie Towngraph37,433
833Municipal emblem of Kasuya gun umi TownKasuya gun umi Towngraph37,345
834Municipal emblem of Isumi CityIsumi Citygraph37,143
835Municipal emblem of Soraku gun seika TownSoraku gun seika Towngraph37,131
836Municipal emblem of Unnan CityUnnan Citygraph37,102
837Municipal emblem of Setochi CitySetochi Citygraph37,049
838Municipal emblem of Minamiboso CityMinamiboso Citygraph37,024
839Municipal emblem of Mizunami CityMizunami Citygraph36,985
840Municipal emblem of Kama CityKama Citygraph36,946
841Municipal emblem of Uto CityUto Citygraph36,923
842Municipal emblem of Komatsushima CityKomatsushima Citygraph36,897
843Municipal emblem of Shiso CityShiso Citygraph36,679
844Municipal emblem of Seiyo CitySeiyo Citygraph36,633
845Municipal emblem of Miyama CityMiyama Citygraph36,584
846Municipal emblem of Awa CityAwa Citygraph36,581
847Municipal emblem of Iyo CityIyo Citygraph36,463
848Municipal emblem of Sawa gun tamamura TownSawa gun tamamura Towngraph36,298
849Municipal emblem of Goto CityGoto Citygraph36,288
850Municipal emblem of Atami CityAtami Citygraph36,036
851Municipal emblem of Miyagi gun rifu TownMiyagi gun rifu Towngraph36,027
852Municipal emblem of Kahoku CityKahoku Citygraph35,668
853Municipal emblem of Tamura CityTamura Citygraph35,653
854Municipal emblem of Sosa CitySosa Citygraph35,542
855Municipal emblem of Itano gun aizumi TownItano gun aizumi Towngraph35,484
856Municipal emblem of Nakagami gun nishihara TownNakagami gun nishihara Towngraph35,454
857Municipal emblem of Kikuchi gun ozu TownKikuchi gun ozu Towngraph35,394
858Municipal emblem of Uonuma CityUonuma Citygraph35,164
859Municipal emblem of Ofunato CityOfunato Citygraph35,107
860Municipal emblem of Koryo TownKoryo Towngraph35,025
861Municipal emblem of Niwa gun fuso TownNiwa gun fuso Towngraph34,924
862Municipal emblem of So CitySo Citygraph34,853
863Municipal emblem of Shinjo CityShinjo Citygraph34,787
864Municipal emblem of Kako gun harima TownKako gun harima Towngraph34,712
865Municipal emblem of Bungoono CityBungoono Citygraph34,692
866Municipal emblem of Abashiri CityAbashiri Citygraph34,640
867Municipal emblem of Ojiya CityOjiya Citygraph34,565
868Municipal emblem of Soma CitySoma Citygraph34,274
869Municipal emblem of Yamanashi CityYamanashi Citygraph34,244
870Municipal emblem of Shobara CityShobara Citygraph34,208
871Municipal emblem of Kyoto Shi Higashiyama kuKyoto Shi Higashiyama kugraph34,171
872Municipal emblem of Minamikyushu CityMinamikyushu Citygraph34,152
873Municipal emblem of Kuji CityKuji Citygraph34,094
874Municipal emblem of Ibo gun taishi TownIbo gun taishi Towngraph34,007
875Municipal emblem of Asakuchi CityAsakuchi Citygraph33,965
876Municipal emblem of Yufu CityYufu Citygraph33,954
877Municipal emblem of Miyashiro TownMiyashiro Towngraph33,824
878Municipal emblem of Oda CityOda Citygraph33,800
879Municipal emblem of Namegata CityNamegata Citygraph33,775
880Municipal emblem of Motosu CityMotosu Citygraph33,764
881Municipal emblem of Kasuya gun shingu TownKasuya gun shingu Towngraph33,690
882Municipal emblem of Sakaiminato CitySakaiminato Citygraph33,665
883Municipal emblem of Kaizu CityKaizu Citygraph33,576
884Municipal emblem of Toon CityToon Citygraph33,537
885Municipal emblem of Bizen CityBizen Citygraph33,527
886Municipal emblem of Watari gun watari TownWatari gun watari Towngraph33,445
887Municipal emblem of Hokkaido date CityHokkaido date Citygraph33,406
888Municipal emblem of Okawa CityOkawa Citygraph33,375
889Municipal emblem of Minamisatsuma CityMinamisatsuma Citygraph33,365
890Municipal emblem of Mashiki TownMashiki Towngraph33,357
891Municipal emblem of Shimanto CityShimanto Citygraph33,333
892Municipal emblem of Kochiken konan CityKochiken konan Citygraph33,193
893Municipal emblem of Moroyama TownMoroyama Towngraph33,178
893Municipal emblem of Shiwa gun shiwa TownShiwa gun shiwa Towngraph33,178
895Municipal emblem of Namerikawa CityNamerikawa Citygraph33,102
896Municipal emblem of Nagato CityNagato Citygraph33,094
897Municipal emblem of Shiroishi CityShiroishi Citygraph33,082
898Municipal emblem of Wakkanai CityWakkanai Citygraph33,032
899Municipal emblem of Ama gun oharu TownAma gun oharu Towngraph33,024
900Municipal emblem of Miura gun hayama TownMiura gun hayama Towngraph32,916
901Municipal emblem of Osato gun yorii TownOsato gun yorii Towngraph32,915
902Municipal emblem of Ayabe CityAyabe Citygraph32,851
903Municipal emblem of Naka gun oiso TownNaka gun oiso Towngraph32,711
904Municipal emblem of Yawatahama CityYawatahama Citygraph32,584
905Municipal emblem of Mizuho TownMizuho Towngraph32,568
906Municipal emblem of Kuroishi CityKuroishi Citygraph32,530
907Municipal emblem of Komagane CityKomagane Citygraph32,418
908Municipal emblem of Fukuiken ono CityFukuiken ono Citygraph32,329
909Municipal emblem of Kamogawa CityKamogawa Citygraph32,290
910Municipal emblem of Katagami CityKatagami Citygraph32,287
911Municipal emblem of Kamaishi CityKamaishi Citygraph32,176
912Municipal emblem of Sunto gun shimizu TownSunto gun shimizu Towngraph32,107
913Municipal emblem of Ibaraki TownIbaraki Towngraph32,022
914Municipal emblem of Mishima gun shimamoto TownMishima gun shimamoto Towngraph31,916
915Municipal emblem of Yaese TownYaese Towngraph31,882
916Municipal emblem of Tawaramoto TownTawaramoto Towngraph31,777
917Municipal emblem of Yaita CityYaita Citygraph31,719
918Municipal emblem of Omaezaki CityOmaezaki Citygraph31,714
919Municipal emblem of Onga gun okagaki TownOnga gun okagaki Towngraph31,650
920Municipal emblem of Hitoyoshi CityHitoyoshi Citygraph31,559
921Municipal emblem of Kasuya gun sasaguri TownKasuya gun sasaguri Towngraph31,536
922Municipal emblem of Zentsuji CityZentsuji Citygraph31,495
923Municipal emblem of Tsugaru CityTsugaru Citygraph31,413
924Municipal emblem of Gero CityGero Citygraph31,385
925Municipal emblem of Kaminokawa TownKaminokawa Towngraph31,285
926Municipal emblem of Myoko CityMyoko Citygraph31,278
927Municipal emblem of Kanzaki CityKanzaki Citygraph31,262
928Municipal emblem of Yanai CityYanai Citygraph31,087
929Municipal emblem of Nantan CityNantan Citygraph31,074
930Municipal emblem of Chuo CityChuo Citygraph30,978
931Municipal emblem of Kitaakita CityKitaakita Citygraph30,864
932Municipal emblem of Kako gun inami TownKako gun inami Towngraph30,854
933Municipal emblem of Kodama gun kamisato TownKodama gun kamisato Towngraph30,848
934Municipal emblem of Koshu CityKoshu Citygraph30,770
935Municipal emblem of Nanyo CityNanyo Citygraph30,740
936Municipal emblem of Hirakawa CityHirakawa Citygraph30,708
937Municipal emblem of Shibushi CityShibushi Citygraph30,646
938Municipal emblem of Iyo gun masaki TownIyo gun masaki Towngraph30,622
939Municipal emblem of Inagawa TownInagawa Towngraph30,494
940Municipal emblem of Aki gun kaita TownAki gun kaita Towngraph30,343
941Municipal emblem of Hirado CityHirado Citygraph30,265
942Municipal emblem of Motomiya CityMotomiya Citygraph30,147
943Municipal emblem of Asakura gun chikuzen TownAsakura gun chikuzen Towngraph30,004
944Municipal emblem of Tomi CityTomi Citygraph29,929
945Municipal emblem of Tsuru CityTsuru Citygraph29,888
946Municipal emblem of Kazuno CityKazuno Citygraph29,858
947Municipal emblem of Izu CityIzu Citygraph29,784
948Municipal emblem of Asago CityAsago Citygraph29,743
949Municipal emblem of Nagasakiken tsushima CityNagasakiken tsushima Citygraph29,663
950Municipal emblem of Saito CitySaito Citygraph29,648
951Municipal emblem of Higashikagawa CityHigashikagawa Citygraph29,628
952Municipal emblem of Togitsu TownTogitsu Towngraph29,566
953Municipal emblem of Kaminoyama CityKaminoyama Citygraph29,564
954Municipal emblem of Oyabe CityOyabe Citygraph29,459
955Municipal emblem of Takanezawa TownTakanezawa Towngraph29,424
956Municipal emblem of Haibara gun yoshida TownHaibara gun yoshida Towngraph29,421
957Municipal emblem of Gojo CityGojo Citygraph29,364
958Municipal emblem of Takahashi CityTakahashi Citygraph29,305
959Municipal emblem of Uda CityUda Citygraph29,223
960Municipal emblem of Hiki gun ogawa TownHiki gun ogawa Towngraph29,075
961Municipal emblem of Obama CityObama Citygraph28,934
962Municipal emblem of Sue TownSue Towngraph28,919
963Municipal emblem of Ukiha CityUkiha Citygraph28,916
964Municipal emblem of Nirasaki CityNirasaki Citygraph28,872
965Municipal emblem of Nakagami gun chatan TownNakagami gun chatan Towngraph28,850
966Municipal emblem of Matsubushi TownMatsubushi Towngraph28,837
967Municipal emblem of Aioi CityAioi Citygraph28,804
968Municipal emblem of Sagaken kashima CitySagaken kashima Citygraph28,606
969Municipal emblem of Agui TownAgui Towngraph28,597
970Municipal emblem of Tainai CityTainai Citygraph28,495
971Municipal emblem of Niimi CityNiimi Citygraph28,396
972Municipal emblem of Mima CityMima Citygraph28,367
973Municipal emblem of Hayami gun hiji TownHayami gun hiji Towngraph28,344
974Municipal emblem of Kurokawa gun taiwa TownKurokawa gun taiwa Towngraph28,327
975Municipal emblem of Naka gun ninomiya TownNaka gun ninomiya Towngraph28,321
976Municipal emblem of Ikoma gun ikaruga TownIkoma gun ikaruga Towngraph28,250
977Municipal emblem of Kitsuki CityKitsuki Citygraph28,235
978Municipal emblem of Kakuda CityKakuda Citygraph28,212
979Municipal emblem of Nanae TownNanae Towngraph28,072
980Municipal emblem of Akitakata CityAkitakata Citygraph28,044
981Municipal emblem of Yoro gun yoro TownYoro gun yoro Towngraph28,021
982Municipal emblem of Onga gun mizumaki TownOnga gun mizumaki Towngraph27,990
983Municipal emblem of Takahagi CityTakahagi Citygraph27,866
984Municipal emblem of Shingu CityShingu Citygraph27,843
985Municipal emblem of Kita gun miki TownKita gun miki Towngraph27,715
986Municipal emblem of Awara CityAwara Citygraph27,618
987Municipal emblem of Itako CityItako Citygraph27,613
988Municipal emblem of Miyawaka CityMiyawaka Citygraph27,442
989Municipal emblem of Hamamatsu Shi Tenryu kuHamamatsu Shi Tenryu kugraph27,429
990Municipal emblem of Ichikikushikino CityIchikikushikino Citygraph27,251
991Municipal emblem of Arida CityArida Citygraph27,240
992Municipal emblem of Kunisaki CityKunisaki Citygraph27,163
993Municipal emblem of Shiwa gun yahaba TownShiwa gun yahaba Towngraph27,133
994Municipal emblem of Nayoro CityNayoro Citygraph27,059
995Municipal emblem of Saikai CitySaikai Citygraph26,998
996Municipal emblem of Mimasaka CityMimasaka Citygraph26,924
997Municipal emblem of Fuwa gun tarui TownFuwa gun tarui Towngraph26,903
998Municipal emblem of Omachi CityOmachi Citygraph26,872
999Municipal emblem of Fujikawaguchiko TownFujikawaguchiko Towngraph26,714
1000Municipal emblem of Tosa CityTosa Citygraph26,708
1001Municipal emblem of Otake CityOtake Citygraph26,616
1002Municipal emblem of Gifuken yamagata CityGifuken yamagata Citygraph26,484
1003Municipal emblem of Makubetsu TownMakubetsu Towngraph26,443
1004Municipal emblem of Kahoku gun uchinada TownKahoku gun uchinada Towngraph26,441
1005Municipal emblem of Kamiamakusa CityKamiamakusa Citygraph26,254
1006Municipal emblem of Oga CityOga Citygraph26,246
1007Municipal emblem of Ora gun ora TownOra gun ora Towngraph26,186
1008Municipal emblem of Nagai CityNagai Citygraph26,159
1009Municipal emblem of Ninohe CityNinohe Citygraph26,138
1010Municipal emblem of Kamo CityKamo Citygraph26,137
1011Municipal emblem of Hashimagun hashima gun ginan TownHashimagun hashima gun ginan Towngraph26,123
1012Municipal emblem of Aridagawa TownAridagawa Towngraph26,104
1013Municipal emblem of Mimata TownMimata Towngraph26,026
1014Municipal emblem of Tono CityTono Citygraph26,013
1015Municipal emblem of Iki CityIki Citygraph25,977
1016Municipal emblem of Inabe gun toin TownInabe gun toin Towngraph25,942
1017Municipal emblem of Kami CityKami Citygraph25,911
1018Municipal emblem of Miyaki TownMiyaki Towngraph25,748
1019Municipal emblem of Ureshino CityUreshino Citygraph25,677
1020Municipal emblem of Wajima CityWajima Citygraph25,638
1021Municipal emblem of Myozai gun ishii TownMyozai gun ishii Towngraph25,580
1022Municipal emblem of Nasukarasuyama CityNasukarasuyama Citygraph25,567
1023Municipal emblem of Tateyama TownTateyama Towngraph25,497
1023Municipal emblem of Nogi TownNogi Towngraph25,497
1025Municipal emblem of Aso CityAso Citygraph25,484
1026Municipal emblem of Semboku CitySemboku Citygraph25,310
1027Municipal emblem of Oirase TownOirase Towngraph25,288
1028Municipal emblem of Sashima gun sakai TownSashima gun sakai Towngraph25,074
1029Municipal emblem of Isa CityIsa Citygraph25,072
1030Municipal emblem of Gose CityGose Citygraph25,067
1031Municipal emblem of Buzen CityBuzen Citygraph24,940
1032Municipal emblem of Nemuro CityNemuro Citygraph24,858
1033Municipal emblem of Minowa TownMinowa Towngraph24,819
1034Municipal emblem of Hachimantai CityHachimantai Citygraph24,788
1035Municipal emblem of Tokushimaken miyoshi CityTokushimaken miyoshi Citygraph24,770
1036Municipal emblem of Nasu gun nasu TownNasu gun nasu Towngraph24,756
1037Municipal emblem of Takehara CityTakehara Citygraph24,543
1038Municipal emblem of Yugawara TownYugawara Towngraph24,493
1039Municipal emblem of Niwa gun oguchi TownNiwa gun oguchi Towngraph24,322
1040Municipal emblem of Toda gun misato TownToda gun misato Towngraph24,213
1041Municipal emblem of Oji TownOji Towngraph24,193
1042Municipal emblem of Nyuzen TownNyuzen Towngraph24,075
1043Municipal emblem of Nikaho CityNikaho Citygraph23,841
1044Municipal emblem of Ayauta gun ayagawa TownAyauta gun ayagawa Towngraph23,812
1045Municipal emblem of Minamata CityMinamata Citygraph23,756
1046Municipal emblem of Aki gun kumano TownAki gun kumano Towngraph23,711
1047Municipal emblem of Ogawara TownOgawara Towngraph23,567
1048Municipal emblem of Ibi gun ikeda TownIbi gun ikeda Towngraph23,563
1049Municipal emblem of Hida CityHida Citygraph23,467
1050Municipal emblem of Mine CityMine Citygraph23,375
1051Municipal emblem of Yokoshibahikari TownYokoshibahikari Towngraph23,368
1052Municipal emblem of Itano gun kitajima TownItano gun kitajima Towngraph23,281
1053Municipal emblem of Nakashibetsu TownNakashibetsu Towngraph23,203
1054Municipal emblem of Murayama CityMurayama Citygraph23,191
1055Municipal emblem of Otsuki CityOtsuki Citygraph23,183
1056Municipal emblem of Taki gun meiwa TownTaki gun meiwa Towngraph23,083
1057Municipal emblem of Tadotsu TownTadotsu Towngraph23,056
1058Municipal emblem of Gotsu CityGotsu Citygraph23,005
1059Municipal emblem of Ikoma gun sango TownIkoma gun sango Towngraph22,897
1060Municipal emblem of Takahata TownTakahata Towngraph22,834
1061Municipal emblem of Yabu CityYabu Citygraph22,824
1062Municipal emblem of Gobo CityGobo Citygraph22,757
1063Municipal emblem of Ibi gun ono TownIbi gun ono Towngraph22,695
1064Municipal emblem of Uenohara CityUenohara Citygraph22,607
1065Municipal emblem of Katsuyama CityKatsuyama Citygraph22,581
1066Municipal emblem of Kami gun kami TownKami gun kami Towngraph22,568
1067Municipal emblem of Haga gun mashiko TownHaga gun mashiko Towngraph22,530
1068Municipal emblem of Kishima gun shiroishi TownKishima gun shiroishi Towngraph22,465
1069Municipal emblem of Bungotakada CityBungotakada Citygraph22,433
1070Municipal emblem of Tagawa gun fukuchi TownTagawa gun fukuchi Towngraph22,358
1071Municipal emblem of Etajima CityEtajima Citygraph22,356
1072Municipal emblem of Agawa gun ino TownAgawa gun ino Towngraph22,235
1073Municipal emblem of Kanmaki TownKanmaki Towngraph22,168
1074Municipal emblem of Matsura CityMatsura Citygraph22,137
1075Municipal emblem of Hashimagun hashima gun kasamatsu TownHashimagun hashima gun kasamatsu Towngraph22,096
1076Municipal emblem of Nakagami gun nakagusuku VillageNakagami gun nakagusuku Villagegraph22,046
1077Municipal emblem of Shinhidaka TownShinhidaka Towngraph21,872
1078Municipal emblem of Yoshioka TownYoshioka Towngraph21,808
1079Municipal emblem of Yachiyo TownYachiyo Towngraph21,736
1080Municipal emblem of Chita gun mihama TownChita gun mihama Towngraph21,681
1081Municipal emblem of Echi gun aisho TownEchi gun aisho Towngraph21,420
1082Municipal emblem of Mombetsu CityMombetsu Citygraph21,317
1083Municipal emblem of Gamo gun hino TownGamo gun hino Towngraph21,303
1084Municipal emblem of Susaki CitySusaki Citygraph21,088
1085Municipal emblem of Furano CityFurano Citygraph21,071
1086Municipal emblem of Yosano TownYosano Towngraph21,040
1087Municipal emblem of Hakui CityHakui Citygraph20,940
1087Municipal emblem of Nyu gun echizen TownNyu gun echizen Towngraph20,940
1089Municipal emblem of Karuizawa TownKaruizawa Towngraph20,922
1090Municipal emblem of Shimoda CityShimoda Citygraph20,898
1091Municipal emblem of Shirahama TownShirahama Towngraph20,893
1092Municipal emblem of Taketa CityTaketa Citygraph20,855
1093Municipal emblem of Iyo gun tobe TownIyo gun tobe Towngraph20,714
1094Municipal emblem of Showa TownShowa Towngraph20,660
1095Municipal emblem of Shisui TownShisui Towngraph20,659
1096Municipal emblem of Shonai TownShonai Towngraph20,656
1097Municipal emblem of Satsuma TownSatsuma Towngraph20,573
1098Municipal emblem of Bibai CityBibai Citygraph20,504
1099Municipal emblem of Ainan TownAinan Towngraph20,495
1100Municipal emblem of Makurazaki CityMakurazaki Citygraph20,479
1101Municipal emblem of Ibigawa TownIbigawa Towngraph20,459
1102Municipal emblem of Iiyama CityIiyama Citygraph20,332
1103Municipal emblem of Imba gun sakae TownImba gun sakae Towngraph20,293
1104Municipal emblem of Rumoi CityRumoi Citygraph20,257
1105Municipal emblem of Nishigo VillageNishigo Villagegraph20,254
1106Municipal emblem of Gihuken mino CityGihuken mino Citygraph20,162
1107Municipal emblem of Taka gun taka TownTaka gun taka Towngraph20,149
1108Municipal emblem of Koyu gun takanabe TownKoyu gun takanabe Towngraph20,141
1109Municipal emblem of Yonabaru TownYonabaru Towngraph20,117
1110Municipal emblem of Fukagawa CityFukagawa Citygraph20,085
1111Municipal emblem of Kamiichi TownKamiichi Towngraph19,959
1112Municipal emblem of Sukumo CitySukumo Citygraph19,895
1113Municipal emblem of Akune CityAkune Citygraph19,842
1114Municipal emblem of Aizumisato TownAizumisato Towngraph19,773
1115Municipal emblem of Hiki gun kawajima TownHiki gun kawajima Towngraph19,672
1116Municipal emblem of Hiki gun namegawa TownHiki gun namegawa Towngraph19,562
1117Municipal emblem of Shimosuwa TownShimosuwa Towngraph19,559
1118Municipal emblem of Yame gun hirokawa TownYame gun hirokawa Towngraph19,553
1119Municipal emblem of Hakui gun shika TownHakui gun shika Towngraph19,552
1120Municipal emblem of Arita TownArita Towngraph19,501
1121Municipal emblem of Kushiro TownKushiro Towngraph19,392
1122Municipal emblem of Engaru TownEngaru Towngraph19,358
1123Municipal emblem of Onga gun onga TownOnga gun onga Towngraph19,212
1124Municipal emblem of Tatsuno TownTatsuno Towngraph19,144
1125Municipal emblem of Miyako TownMiyako Towngraph19,127
1126Municipal emblem of Toyono gun toyono TownToyono gun toyono Towngraph19,093
1127Municipal emblem of Kunitomi TownKunitomi Towngraph19,082
1128Municipal emblem of Semboku gun misato TownSemboku gun misato Towngraph19,018
1129Municipal emblem of Kanzaki gun fukusaki TownKanzaki gun fukusaki Towngraph18,999
1130Municipal emblem of Shirosato TownShirosato Towngraph18,946
1131Municipal emblem of Bihoro TownBihoro Towngraph18,941
1132Municipal emblem of Ampachi gun godo TownAmpachi gun godo Towngraph18,888
1133Municipal emblem of Ebino CityEbino Citygraph18,815
1134Municipal emblem of Taku CityTaku Citygraph18,721
1135Municipal emblem of Ikoma gun heguri TownIkoma gun heguri Towngraph18,672
1136Municipal emblem of Hiki gun yoshimi TownHiki gun yoshimi Towngraph18,654
1137Municipal emblem of Rikuzentakata CityRikuzentakata Citygraph18,637
1138Municipal emblem of Utazu TownUtazu Towngraph18,510
1139Municipal emblem of Motosu gun kitagata TownMotosu gun kitagata Towngraph18,495
1140Municipal emblem of Shinkamigoto TownShinkamigoto Towngraph18,484
1141Municipal emblem of Shichigahama TownShichigahama Towngraph18,445
1142Municipal emblem of Eiheiji TownEiheiji Towngraph18,329
1143Municipal emblem of Memuro TownMemuro Towngraph18,326
1144Municipal emblem of Minakami TownMinakami Towngraph18,282
1145Municipal emblem of Yoichi TownYoichi Towngraph18,253
1146Municipal emblem of Kitahiroshima TownKitahiroshima Towngraph18,244
1147Municipal emblem of Manno TownManno Towngraph18,243
1148Municipal emblem of Kaisei TownKaisei Towngraph18,223
1149Municipal emblem of Shibetsu CityShibetsu Citygraph18,134
1150Municipal emblem of Kani gun mitake TownKani gun mitake Towngraph18,133
1151Municipal emblem of Sunto gun oyama TownSunto gun oyama Towngraph18,083
1152Municipal emblem of Toba CityToba Citygraph18,036
1153Municipal emblem of Kahoku TownKahoku Towngraph17,998
1154Municipal emblem of Shuchi gun mori TownShuchi gun mori Towngraph17,979
1155Municipal emblem of Kitanakagusuku VillageKitanakagusuku Villagegraph17,821
1156Municipal emblem of Kadogawa TownKadogawa Towngraph17,815
1157Municipal emblem of Chikujo gun chikujo TownChikujo gun chikujo Towngraph17,806
1158Municipal emblem of Hiki gun ranzan TownHiki gun ranzan Towngraph17,747
1159Municipal emblem of Kushima CityKushima Citygraph17,722
1160Municipal emblem of Nakanoto TownNakanoto Towngraph17,619
1161Municipal emblem of Sannohe gun nambu TownSannohe gun nambu Towngraph17,569
1162Municipal emblem of Kiyama TownKiyama Towngraph17,457
1163Municipal emblem of Kawai TownKawai Towngraph17,427
1164Municipal emblem of Miyazu CityMiyazu Citygraph17,397
1165Municipal emblem of Ashigarakamigun oi TownAshigarakamigun oi Towngraph17,317
1166Municipal emblem of Yabuki TownYabuki Towngraph17,221
1167Municipal emblem of Owase CityOwase Citygraph17,216
1168Municipal emblem of Koyu gun shintomi TownKoyu gun shintomi Towngraph17,208
1169Municipal emblem of Kamikita gun tohoku TownKamikita gun tohoku Towngraph17,154
1170Municipal emblem of Minamichita TownMinamichita Towngraph17,126
1171Municipal emblem of Yoshino gun oyodo TownYoshino gun oyodo Towngraph17,123
1172Municipal emblem of Tohaku gun kotora TownTohaku gun kotora Towngraph17,026
1173Municipal emblem of Mifune TownMifune Towngraph16,975
1174Municipal emblem of Semboku gun tadaoka TownSemboku gun tadaoka Towngraph16,932
1175Municipal emblem of Mikata gun kami TownMikata gun kami Towngraph16,898
1176Municipal emblem of Aki CityAki Citygraph16,869
1177Municipal emblem of Katsura CityKatsura Citygraph16,817
1178Municipal emblem of Tamura gun miharu TownTamura gun miharu Towngraph16,816
1179Municipal emblem of Yurihama TownYurihama Towngraph16,741
1180Municipal emblem of Tsukumi CityTsukumi Citygraph16,739
1181Municipal emblem of Futaba gun namie TownFutaba gun namie Towngraph16,718
1182Municipal emblem of Yazu gun yazu TownYazu gun yazu Towngraph16,711
1183Municipal emblem of Sannohe gun gonohe TownSannohe gun gonohe Towngraph16,679
1184Municipal emblem of Hinode TownHinode Towngraph16,588
1185Municipal emblem of Ashikita gun ashikita TownAshikita gun ashikita Towngraph16,556
1186Municipal emblem of Hosu gun noto TownHosu gun noto Towngraph16,516
1187Municipal emblem of Sunagawa CitySunagawa Citygraph16,505
1188Municipal emblem of Shimanto TownShimanto Towngraph16,465
1189Municipal emblem of Oarai TownOarai Towngraph16,464
1190Municipal emblem of Katsuragi TownKatsuragi Towngraph16,399
1191Municipal emblem of Kumano CityKumano Citygraph16,396
1192Municipal emblem of Oyamazaki TownOyamazaki Towngraph16,364
1193Municipal emblem of Shiraoi TownShiraoi Towngraph16,356
1194Municipal emblem of Sayo gun sayo TownSayo gun sayo Towngraph16,294
1195Municipal emblem of Kuji gun daigo TownKuji gun daigo Towngraph16,251
1196Municipal emblem of Tagawa gun kawasaki TownTagawa gun kawasaki Towngraph16,173
1197Municipal emblem of Yoshinogari TownYoshinogari Towngraph16,169
1198Municipal emblem of Iwate gun shizukuishi TownIwate gun shizukuishi Towngraph16,113
1199Municipal emblem of Kita gun uchiko TownKita gun uchiko Towngraph16,056
1200Municipal emblem of Kunohe gun hirono TownKunohe gun hirono Towngraph16,032
1201Municipal emblem of Saihaku gun daisen TownSaihaku gun daisen Towngraph15,926
1202Municipal emblem of Tamana gun nagasu TownTamana gun nagasu Towngraph15,905
1203Municipal emblem of Miyota TownMiyota Towngraph15,880
1204Municipal emblem of Tone TownTone Towngraph15,862
1205Municipal emblem of Toyoyama TownToyoyama Towngraph15,839
1206Municipal emblem of Tachiarai TownTachiarai Towngraph15,828
1207Municipal emblem of Yamamoto gun mitane TownYamamoto gun mitane Towngraph15,814
1208Municipal emblem of Kumiyama TownKumiyama Towngraph15,787
1209Municipal emblem of Minamiminowa VillageMinamiminowa Villagegraph15,754
1210Municipal emblem of Sera gun sera TownSera gun sera Towngraph15,725
1211Municipal emblem of Nasugun nakagawa TownNasugun nakagawa Towngraph15,698
1212Municipal emblem of Yakumo TownYakumo Towngraph15,673
1213Municipal emblem of Tobetsu TownTobetsu Towngraph15,618
1214Municipal emblem of Haga gun haga TownHaga gun haga Towngraph15,612
1215Municipal emblem of Kamitonda TownKamitonda Towngraph15,575
1216Municipal emblem of Kurate gun kurate TownKurate gun kurate Towngraph15,563
1217Municipal emblem of Kanegasaki TownKanegasaki Towngraph15,561
1218Municipal emblem of Nakanojo TownNakanojo Towngraph15,553
1219Municipal emblem of Toda gun wakuya TownToda gun wakuya Towngraph15,548
1220Municipal emblem of Ichikawamisato TownIchikawamisato Towngraph15,499
1221Municipal emblem of Koyu gun kawaminami TownKoyu gun kawaminami Towngraph15,490
1222Municipal emblem of Kushimoto TownKushimoto Towngraph15,468
1223Municipal emblem of Aizubange TownAizubange Towngraph15,424
1224Municipal emblem of Sennan gun misaki TownSennan gun misaki Towngraph15,421
1225Municipal emblem of Watarai gun tamaki TownWatarai gun tamaki Towngraph15,378
1226Municipal emblem of Obanazawa CityObanazawa Citygraph15,350
1227Municipal emblem of Kanan TownKanan Towngraph15,346
1228Municipal emblem of Kujukuri TownKujukuri Towngraph15,336
1229Municipal emblem of Kitamurogun kihoku TownKitamurogun kihoku Towngraph15,273
1230Municipal emblem of Suooshima TownSuooshima Towngraph15,242
1231Municipal emblem of Mie gun kawagoe TownMie gun kawagoe Towngraph15,233
1232Municipal emblem of Kamikita gun shichinohe TownKamikita gun shichinohe Towngraph15,143
1233Municipal emblem of Kutchan TownKutchan Towngraph15,123
1234Municipal emblem of Asagiri TownAsagiri Towngraph15,098
1235Municipal emblem of Yamada TownYamada Towngraph15,073
1236Municipal emblem of Tabuse TownTabuse Towngraph15,002
1237Municipal emblem of Kusu gun kusu TownKusu gun kusu Towngraph14,980
1238Municipal emblem of Inashiki gun miho VillageInashiki gun miho Villagegraph14,972
1239Municipal emblem of Nishinomote CityNishinomote Citygraph14,958
1240Municipal emblem of Itano gun matsushige TownItano gun matsushige Towngraph14,950
1241Municipal emblem of Minamiaizu TownMinamiaizu Towngraph14,948
1242Municipal emblem of Kimotsuki gun kimotsuki TownKimotsuki gun kimotsuki Towngraph14,856
1243Municipal emblem of Mori TownMori Towngraph14,849
1244Municipal emblem of Betsukai TownBetsukai Towngraph14,827
1245Municipal emblem of Fujisaki TownFujisaki Towngraph14,812
1246Municipal emblem of Ampachi gun ampachi TownAmpachi gun ampachi Towngraph14,774
1247Municipal emblem of Ishikawa gun ishikawa TownIshikawa gun ishikawa Towngraph14,744
1248Municipal emblem of Tohaku gun hokuei TownTohaku gun hokuei Towngraph14,731
1249Municipal emblem of Kawanishi TownKawanishi Towngraph14,707
1250Municipal emblem of Fujikawa TownFujikawa Towngraph14,683
1251Municipal emblem of Hanishina gun sakaki TownHanishina gun sakaki Towngraph14,679
1252Municipal emblem of Nachikatsuura TownNachikatsuura Towngraph14,607
1253Municipal emblem of Shinto VillageShinto Villagegraph14,588
1254Municipal emblem of Hasami TownHasami Towngraph14,565
1255Municipal emblem of Ako gun kamigori TownAko gun kamigori Towngraph14,547
1256Municipal emblem of Wakasa TownWakasa Towngraph14,431
1257Municipal emblem of Fujimi TownFujimi Towngraph14,392
1258Municipal emblem of Katori gun tako TownKatori gun tako Towngraph14,387
1259Municipal emblem of Yamato TownYamato Towngraph14,367
1260Municipal emblem of Taki gun taki TownTaki gun taki Towngraph14,346
1261Municipal emblem of Ogachi gun ugo TownOgachi gun ugo Towngraph14,344
1262Municipal emblem of Ora gun itakura TownOra gun itakura Towngraph14,322
1263Municipal emblem of Tarumizu CityTarumizu Citygraph14,283
1264Municipal emblem of Shodoshima TownShodoshima Towngraph14,219
1265Municipal emblem of Seiro TownSeiro Towngraph14,173
1266Municipal emblem of Saza TownSaza Towngraph14,100
1267Municipal emblem of Mizuma gun oki TownMizuma gun oki Towngraph14,085
1268Municipal emblem of Higashimiyoshi TownHigashimiyoshi Towngraph14,066
1269Municipal emblem of Yamanobe TownYamanobe Towngraph14,029
1270Municipal emblem of Chosei gun chosei VillageChosei gun chosei Villagegraph14,028
1271Municipal emblem of Shin onsen TownShin onsen Towngraph13,970
1272Municipal emblem of Oda gun yakage TownOda gun yakage Towngraph13,936
1273Municipal emblem of Wake gun wake TownWake gun wake Towngraph13,867
1274Municipal emblem of Okinoshima TownOkinoshima Towngraph13,866
1275Municipal emblem of Kawatana TownKawatana Towngraph13,783
1276Municipal emblem of Kume gun misaki TownKume gun misaki Towngraph13,764
1277Municipal emblem of Tanagura TownTanagura Towngraph13,751
1278Municipal emblem of Suzu CitySuzu Citygraph13,700
1279Municipal emblem of Miyagi gun matsushima TownMiyagi gun matsushima Towngraph13,678
1280Municipal emblem of Inawashiro TownInawashiro Towngraph13,664
1281Municipal emblem of Katori gun tonosho TownKatori gun tonosho Towngraph13,635
1282Municipal emblem of Kyotanba TownKyotanba Towngraph13,616
1283Municipal emblem of Onga gun ashiya TownOnga gun ashiya Towngraph13,545
1284Municipal emblem of Shozu gun tonosho TownShozu gun tonosho Towngraph13,514
1285Municipal emblem of Hiki gun hatoyama TownHiki gun hatoyama Towngraph13,446
1286Municipal emblem of Kadena TownKadena Towngraph13,409
1287Municipal emblem of Akumi gun yuza TownAkumi gun yuza Towngraph13,396
1288Municipal emblem of Kodama gun kamikawa TownKodama gun kamikawa Towngraph13,365
1289Municipal emblem of Itano gun itano TownItano gun itano Towngraph13,353
1290Municipal emblem of Kaho gun keisen TownKaho gun keisen Towngraph13,301
1291Municipal emblem of Taishi TownTaishi Towngraph13,266
1292Municipal emblem of Higashiagatsuma TownHigashiagatsuma Towngraph13,262
1293Municipal emblem of Shirataka TownShirataka Towngraph13,256
1294Municipal emblem of Sannohe gun hashikami TownSannohe gun hashikami Towngraph13,232
1295Municipal emblem of Itayanagi TownItayanagi Towngraph13,211
1296Municipal emblem of Kunigami gun motobu TownKunigami gun motobu Towngraph13,153
1297Municipal emblem of Takamori TownTakamori Towngraph12,987
1298Municipal emblem of Tosashimizu CityTosashimizu Citygraph12,978
1298Municipal emblem of Aki gun saka TownAki gun saka Towngraph12,978
1300Municipal emblem of Matsukawa TownMatsukawa Towngraph12,975
1301Municipal emblem of Kanra gun kanra TownKanra gun kanra Towngraph12,943
1302Municipal emblem of Igu gun marumori TownIgu gun marumori Towngraph12,904
1303Municipal emblem of Noheji TownNoheji Towngraph12,894
1304Municipal emblem of Iwate gun iwate TownIwate gun iwate Towngraph12,826
1305Municipal emblem of Hodatsushimizu TownHodatsushimizu Towngraph12,790
1306Municipal emblem of Ashibetsu CityAshibetsu Citygraph12,774
1307Municipal emblem of So gun osaki TownSo gun osaki Towngraph12,758
1308Municipal emblem of Tomata gun kagamino TownTomata gun kagamino Towngraph12,739
1309Municipal emblem of Tsukubo gun hayashima TownTsukubo gun hayashima Towngraph12,721
1310Municipal emblem of Muroto CityMuroto Citygraph12,683
1311Municipal emblem of Iwase gun kagamiishi TownIwase gun kagamiishi Towngraph12,669
1312Municipal emblem of Date gun kawamata TownDate gun kawamata Towngraph12,632
1313Municipal emblem of Takaoka gun sakawa TownTakaoka gun sakawa Towngraph12,521
1314Municipal emblem of Tsuruta TownTsuruta Towngraph12,499
1315Municipal emblem of Chosei gun ichinomiya TownChosei gun ichinomiya Towngraph12,494
1316Municipal emblem of Haga gun motegi TownHaga gun motegi Towngraph12,472
1317Municipal emblem of Minamisanriku TownMinamisanriku Towngraph12,426
1318Municipal emblem of Futaba gun tomioka TownFutaba gun tomioka Towngraph12,374
1319Municipal emblem of Minabe TownMinabe Towngraph12,328
1320Municipal emblem of Okuizumo TownOkuizumo Towngraph12,176
1321Municipal emblem of Yakushima TownYakushima Towngraph12,147
1322Municipal emblem of Watari gun yamamoto TownWatari gun yamamoto Towngraph12,081
1323Municipal emblem of Urakawa TownUrakawa Towngraph11,998
1324Municipal emblem of Minamiise TownMinamiise Towngraph11,985
1325Municipal emblem of Iwanai TownIwanai Towngraph11,983
1326Municipal emblem of Yamanouchi TownYamanouchi Towngraph11,958
1327Municipal emblem of Ninohe gun ichinohe TownNinohe gun ichinohe Towngraph11,899
1328Municipal emblem of Takachiho TownTakachiho Towngraph11,874
1329Municipal emblem of Gamo gun ryuo TownGamo gun ryuo Towngraph11,848
1330Municipal emblem of Higashiizu TownHigashiizu Towngraph11,817
1331Municipal emblem of Itano gun kamiita TownItano gun kamiita Towngraph11,778
1332Municipal emblem of Katta gun zao TownKatta gun zao Towngraph11,706
1333Municipal emblem of Haga gun ichikai TownHaga gun ichikai Towngraph11,683
1334Municipal emblem of Kanzaki gun ichikawa TownKanzaki gun ichikawa Towngraph11,671
1335Municipal emblem of Arida gun yuasa TownArida gun yuasa Towngraph11,668
1336Municipal emblem of Hidaka TownHidaka Towngraph11,647
1337Municipal emblem of Kumage gun hirao TownKumage gun hirao Towngraph11,600
1338Municipal emblem of Date gun kori TownDate gun kori Towngraph11,568
1339Municipal emblem of Yatsushiro gun hikawa TownYatsushiro gun hikawa Towngraph11,551
1340Municipal emblem of Shimoniikawagun asahi TownShimoniikawagun asahi Towngraph11,543
1341Municipal emblem of Kuriyama TownKuriyama Towngraph11,474
1342Municipal emblem of Kunigami gun kin TownKunigami gun kin Towngraph11,450
1343Municipal emblem of Otsuchi TownOtsuchi Towngraph11,417
1344Municipal emblem of Tagami TownTagami Towngraph11,393
1345Municipal emblem of Iruma gun ogose TownIruma gun ogose Towngraph11,352
1346Municipal emblem of Shari TownShari Towngraph11,300
1347Municipal emblem of Iwami gun iwami TownIwami gun iwami Towngraph11,278
1348Municipal emblem of Ogano TownOgano Towngraph11,214
1349Municipal emblem of Chiyoda TownChiyoda Towngraph11,205
1350Municipal emblem of Hakone TownHakone Towngraph11,195
1351Municipal emblem of Asakuchi gun satosho TownAsakuchi gun satosho Towngraph11,149
1352Municipal emblem of Kanzaki gun kamikawa TownKanzaki gun kamikawa Towngraph11,115
1353Municipal emblem of Kodama gun misato TownKodama gun misato Towngraph11,113
1354Municipal emblem of Katsuta gun shoo TownKatsuta gun shoo Towngraph11,108
1355Municipal emblem of Ora gun meiwa TownOra gun meiwa Towngraph11,088
1356Municipal emblem of Minobu TownMinobu Towngraph11,054
1357Municipal emblem of Kunigami gun onna VillageKunigami gun onna Villagegraph11,050
1358Municipal emblem of Chosei gun shirako TownChosei gun shirako Towngraph11,040
1359Municipal emblem of Obuse TownObuse Towngraph11,029
1360Municipal emblem of Nakayama TownNakayama Towngraph11,017
1361Municipal emblem of Mie gun asahi TownMie gun asahi Towngraph10,984
1362Municipal emblem of Kamikita gun rokunohe TownKamikita gun rokunohe Towngraph10,948
1363Municipal emblem of Matsuda TownMatsuda Towngraph10,931
1364Municipal emblem of Kibichuo TownKibichuo Towngraph10,926
1365Municipal emblem of Tokigawa TownTokigawa Towngraph10,899
1366Municipal emblem of Hata gun kuroshio TownHata gun kuroshio Towngraph10,859
1367Municipal emblem of Iizuna TownIizuna Towngraph10,854
1368Municipal emblem of Shioya gun shioya TownShioya gun shioya Towngraph10,804
1369Municipal emblem of Saihaku gun hoki TownSaihaku gun hoki Towngraph10,774
1370Municipal emblem of Sakuho TownSakuho Towngraph10,756
1371Municipal emblem of Tagawa gun kawara TownTagawa gun kawara Towngraph10,712
1372Municipal emblem of Kiho TownKiho Towngraph10,711
1373Municipal emblem of Yaotsu TownYaotsu Towngraph10,663
1374Municipal emblem of Hiranai TownHiranai Towngraph10,639
1375Municipal emblem of Kiso gun kiso TownKiso gun kiso Towngraph10,628
1376Municipal emblem of Shibata gun murata TownShibata gun murata Towngraph10,606
1377Municipal emblem of Saihaku gun nambu TownSaihaku gun nambu Towngraph10,601
1378Municipal emblem of Tokunoshima TownTokunoshima Towngraph10,569
1379Municipal emblem of Nakadomari TownNakadomari Towngraph10,568
1380Municipal emblem of Kuma gun nishiki TownKuma gun nishiki Towngraph10,549
1381Municipal emblem of Naganuma TownNaganuma Towngraph10,515
1382Municipal emblem of Kamifurano TownKamifurano Towngraph10,501
1383Municipal emblem of Koyu gun tsuno TownKoyu gun tsuno Towngraph10,457
1384Municipal emblem of Kosa TownKosa Towngraph10,445
1385Municipal emblem of Minamiaso VillageMinamiaso Villagegraph10,373
1386Municipal emblem of Aga TownAga Towngraph10,365
1387Municipal emblem of Ochi gun onan TownOchi gun onan Towngraph10,360
1388Municipal emblem of Futaba gun okuma TownFutaba gun okuma Towngraph10,265
1389Municipal emblem of Minamiechizen TownMinamiechizen Towngraph10,258
1390Municipal emblem of Oi gun takahama TownOi gun takahama Towngraph10,233
1391Municipal emblem of Izumi gun nagashima TownIzumi gun nagashima Towngraph10,219
1392Municipal emblem of Higashikagura TownHigashikagura Towngraph10,154
1393Municipal emblem of Rokkasho VillageRokkasho Villagegraph10,131
1394Municipal emblem of Kamo gun kawabe TownKamo gun kawabe Towngraph10,110
1395Municipal emblem of Yamakita TownYamakita Towngraph9960
1396Municipal emblem of Kitauwagun kihoku TownKitauwagun kihoku Towngraph9915
1397Municipal emblem of Tamura gun ono TownTamura gun ono Towngraph9816
1398Municipal emblem of Biei TownBiei Towngraph9775
1399Municipal emblem of Kashima TownKashima Towngraph9766
1400Municipal emblem of Toyono gun nose TownToyono gun nose Towngraph9709
1400Municipal emblem of Kishima gun kohoku TownKishima gun kohoku Towngraph9709
1402Municipal emblem of Matsukawa VillageMatsukawa Villagegraph9705
1403Municipal emblem of Tamana gun nagomi TownTamana gun nagomi Towngraph9692
1404Municipal emblem of Sannohe gun sannohe TownSannohe gun sannohe Towngraph9690
1404Municipal emblem of Kitaazumigun ikeda TownKitaazumigun ikeda Towngraph9690
1406Municipal emblem of Oshino VillageOshino Villagegraph9681
1407Municipal emblem of Hidakagawa TownHidakagawa Towngraph9676
1408Municipal emblem of Shimomashikigun misato TownShimomashikigun misato Towngraph9663
1409Municipal emblem of Kamimine TownKamimine Towngraph9653
1410Municipal emblem of Akabira CityAkabira Citygraph9642
1411Municipal emblem of Wanouchi TownWanouchi Towngraph9594
1412Municipal emblem of Chichibu gun minano TownChichibu gun minano Towngraph9521
1413Municipal emblem of Ajigasawa TownAjigasawa Towngraph9472
1414Municipal emblem of Tamana gun nankan TownTamana gun nankan Towngraph9450
1415Municipal emblem of Agatsuma gun tsumagoi VillageAgatsuma gun tsumagoi Villagegraph9418
1416Municipal emblem of Tagawa gun soeda TownTagawa gun soeda Towngraph9360
1417Municipal emblem of Nakijin VillageNakijin Villagegraph9322
1418Municipal emblem of Iijima TownIijima Towngraph9318
1419Municipal emblem of Shimizu TownShimizu Towngraph9305
1420Municipal emblem of Mikata gun mihama TownMikata gun mihama Towngraph9282
1421Municipal emblem of Nakai TownNakai Towngraph9262
1422Municipal emblem of Tsunan TownTsunan Towngraph9238
1423Municipal emblem of Taragi TownTaragi Towngraph9227
1424Municipal emblem of Owani TownOwani Towngraph9182
1425Municipal emblem of Kasuya gun hisayama TownKasuya gun hisayama Towngraph9181
1426Municipal emblem of Ujitawara TownUjitawara Towngraph9131
1427Municipal emblem of Takaharu TownTakaharu Towngraph9130
1428Municipal emblem of Kusu gun kokonoe TownKusu gun kokonoe Towngraph9122
1429Municipal emblem of Akkeshi TownAkkeshi Towngraph9064
1430Municipal emblem of Aira gun yusui TownAira gun yusui Towngraph9005
1431Municipal emblem of Miyada VillageMiyada Villagegraph8980
1432Municipal emblem of Kaifu gun kaiyo TownKaifu gun kaiyo Towngraph8975
1433Municipal emblem of Taki gun odai TownTaki gun odai Towngraph8956
1434Municipal emblem of Ikata TownIkata Towngraph8901
1435Municipal emblem of Tagawa gun itoda TownTagawa gun itoda Towngraph8881
1436Municipal emblem of Iwaizumi TownIwaizumi Towngraph8870
1437Municipal emblem of Setouchi TownSetouchi Towngraph8817
1438Municipal emblem of Date gun kunimi TownDate gun kunimi Towngraph8816
1439Municipal emblem of Kotohira TownKotohira Towngraph8814
1440Municipal emblem of Gojome TownGojome Towngraph8799
1441Municipal emblem of Kunohe gun karumai TownKunohe gun karumai Towngraph8773
1442Municipal emblem of Adachi gun otama VillageAdachi gun otama Villagegraph8772
1443Municipal emblem of Otaki TownOtaki Towngraph8745
1444Municipal emblem of Jinsekikogen TownJinsekikogen Towngraph8691
1445Municipal emblem of Yamagata VillageYamagata Villagegraph8663
1446Municipal emblem of Hakuba VillageHakuba Villagegraph8655
1447Municipal emblem of Sennan gun tajiri TownSennan gun tajiri Towngraph8642
1448Municipal emblem of Shibata gun kawasaki TownShibata gun kawasaki Towngraph8593
1449Municipal emblem of Inashiki gun kawachi TownInashiki gun kawachi Towngraph8578
1450Municipal emblem of Fujitsu gun tara TownFujitsu gun tara Towngraph8533
1451Municipal emblem of Kimino TownKimino Towngraph8521
1452Municipal emblem of Toyako TownToyako Towngraph8494
1453Municipal emblem of Yubetsu TownYubetsu Towngraph8469
1454Municipal emblem of Higashishirakawa gun hanawa TownHigashishirakawa gun hanawa Towngraph8462
1454Municipal emblem of Shikigun shiki gun kawanishi TownShikigun shiki gun kawanishi Towngraph8462
1456Municipal emblem of Tsurugi TownTsurugi Towngraph8458
1457Municipal emblem of Higashikawa TownHigashikawa Towngraph8437
1458Municipal emblem of Sashima gun goka TownSashima gun goka Towngraph8385
1459Municipal emblem of Mihama TownMihama Towngraph8355
1460Municipal emblem of Mogami gun mogami TownMogami gun mogami Towngraph8279
1461Municipal emblem of Oigun oi TownOigun oi Towngraph8173
1462Municipal emblem of Kamo gun sakahogi TownKamo gun sakahogi Towngraph8166
1463Municipal emblem of Mikasa CityMikasa Citygraph8148
1464Municipal emblem of Chichibu gun yokoze TownChichibu gun yokoze Towngraph8131
1465Municipal emblem of Watarai gun taiki TownWatarai gun taiki Towngraph8121
1466Municipal emblem of Hidaka gun inami TownHidaka gun inami Towngraph8112
1467Municipal emblem of Shinano TownShinano Towngraph8100
1468Municipal emblem of Yuzawa TownYuzawa Towngraph8040
1469Municipal emblem of Suwa gun hara VillageSuwa gun hara Villagegraph8036
1470Municipal emblem of Minamiizu TownMinamiizu Towngraph8022
1471Municipal emblem of Watarai gun watarai TownWatarai gun watarai Towngraph7996
1472Municipal emblem of Hidaka gun hidaka TownHidaka gun hidaka Towngraph7940
1473Municipal emblem of Kurokawa gun osato TownKurokawa gun osato Towngraph7932
1474Municipal emblem of Kumakogen TownKumakogen Towngraph7924
1475Municipal emblem of Naka gun naka TownNaka gun naka Towngraph7916
1476Municipal emblem of Yahiko VillageYahiko Villagegraph7912
1477Municipal emblem of Hosu gun anamizu TownHosu gun anamizu Towngraph7885
1478Municipal emblem of Soma gun shinchi TownSoma gun shinchi Towngraph7861
1479Municipal emblem of Soyasogoshinkokyoku esashi TownSoyasogoshinkokyoku esashi Towngraph7856
1480Municipal emblem of Kamo gun shirakawa TownKamo gun shirakawa Towngraph7816
1481Municipal emblem of Oe TownOe Towngraph7815
1482Municipal emblem of Fukaura TownFukaura Towngraph7787
1483Municipal emblem of Nakatane TownNakatane Towngraph7775
1484Municipal emblem of Chosei gun Townnan TownChosei gun Townnan Towngraph7743
1485Municipal emblem of Mukawa TownMukawa Towngraph7734
1486Municipal emblem of Higashisonogi TownHigashisonogi Towngraph7732
1487Municipal emblem of Inakadate VillageInakadate Villagegraph7699
1488Municipal emblem of Kumejima TownKumejima Towngraph7694
1489Municipal emblem of Inukami gun taga TownInukami gun taga Towngraph7579
1490Municipal emblem of Chikujo gun koge TownChikujo gun koge Towngraph7577
1491Municipal emblem of Abira TownAbira Towngraph7566
1492Municipal emblem of Setana TownSetana Towngraph7563
1493Municipal emblem of Shiranuka TownShiranuka Towngraph7539
1494Municipal emblem of Nishiizu TownNishiizu Towngraph7519
1495Municipal emblem of Nanporo TownNanporo Towngraph7447
1496Municipal emblem of Nanbu TownNanbu Towngraph7435
1497Municipal emblem of Yubari CityYubari Citygraph7430
1498Municipal emblem of Shibecha TownShibecha Towngraph7425
1499Municipal emblem of Kurate gun kotake TownKurate gun kotake Towngraph7416
1500Municipal emblem of Oshima TownOshima Towngraph7411
1501Municipal emblem of Awa gun kyonan TownAwa gun kyonan Towngraph7409
1502Municipal emblem of Mikawa TownMikawa Towngraph7377
1503Municipal emblem of Inukami gun toyosato TownInukami gun toyosato Towngraph7350
1504Municipal emblem of Osakikamijima TownOsakikamijima Towngraph7332
1505Municipal emblem of Hiraizumi TownHiraizumi Towngraph7330
1506Municipal emblem of Isumi gun onjuku TownIsumi gun onjuku Towngraph7312
1507Municipal emblem of Mamurogawa TownMamurogawa Towngraph7310
1507Municipal emblem of Hiyamashinkokyoku esashi TownHiyamashinkokyoku esashi Towngraph7310
1509Municipal emblem of Tsuzuki gun ide TownTsuzuki gun ide Towngraph7300
1510Municipal emblem of Ikomagun ando TownIkomagun ando Towngraph7268
1511Municipal emblem of Oguni TownOguni Towngraph7248
1512Municipal emblem of Hachijo TownHachijo Towngraph7224
1513Municipal emblem of Higashimorokata gun aya TownHigashimorokata gun aya Towngraph7198
1514Municipal emblem of Tone gun showa VillageTone gun showa Villagegraph7186
1515Municipal emblem of Kimotsuki gun kinko TownKimotsuki gun kinko Towngraph7171
1516Municipal emblem of Sambu gun shibayama TownSambu gun shibayama Towngraph7116
1517Municipal emblem of Manazuru TownManazuru Towngraph7115
1518Municipal emblem of Tsuwano TownTsuwano Towngraph7064
1519Municipal emblem of Tateshina TownTateshina Towngraph7063
1520Municipal emblem of Kamo gun kawazu TownKamo gun kawazu Towngraph7029
1521Municipal emblem of Shimonita TownShimonita Towngraph7007
1522Municipal emblem of Amakusa gun reihoku TownAmakusa gun reihoku Towngraph6971
1523Municipal emblem of Ozora TownOzora Towngraph6963
1524Municipal emblem of Hidaka gun mihama TownHidaka gun mihama Towngraph6949
1525Municipal emblem of Teshikaga TownTeshikaga Towngraph6937
1526Municipal emblem of Chosei gun mutsuzawa TownChosei gun mutsuzawa Towngraph6929
1527Municipal emblem of Aso gun oguni TownAso gun oguni Towngraph6910
1528Municipal emblem of Chichibu gun nagatoro TownChichibu gun nagatoro Towngraph6883
1529Municipal emblem of Oshima gun kikai TownOshima gun kikai Towngraph6870
1530Municipal emblem of Yamamoto gun happo TownYamamoto gun happo Towngraph6866
1531Municipal emblem of Takayama VillageTakayama Villagegraph6857
1532Municipal emblem of Arida gun hirogawa TownArida gun hirogawa Towngraph6853
1533Municipal emblem of Sekigahara TownSekigahara Towngraph6841
1534Municipal emblem of Iide TownIide Towngraph6824
1535Municipal emblem of Minamiosumi TownMinamiosumi Towngraph6792
1536Municipal emblem of Inukami gun kora TownInukami gun kora Towngraph6788
1537Municipal emblem of Shikigun shiki gun miyake TownShikigun shiki gun miyake Towngraph6775
1538Municipal emblem of Takasu TownTakasu Towngraph6771
1539Municipal emblem of Futaba gun naraha TownFutaba gun naraha Towngraph6767
1540Municipal emblem of Chosei gun nagara TownChosei gun nagara Towngraph6754
1541Municipal emblem of Matsumae TownMatsumae Towngraph6753
1542Municipal emblem of Aso gun nishihara VillageAso gun nishihara Villagegraph6749
1543Municipal emblem of Honbetsu TownHonbetsu Towngraph6733
1544Municipal emblem of Yazu gun chizu TownYazu gun chizu Towngraph6726
1545Municipal emblem of Chikujo gun yoshitomi TownChikujo gun yoshitomi Towngraph6725
1546Municipal emblem of Oishida TownOishida Towngraph6716
1547Municipal emblem of Toyooka VillageToyooka Villagegraph6708
1548Municipal emblem of Ashoro TownAshoro Towngraph6684
1549Municipal emblem of Haboro TownHaboro Towngraph6661
1550Municipal emblem of Kami gun shikama TownKami gun shikama Towngraph6648
1551Municipal emblem of Yoshino gun yoshino TownYoshino gun yoshino Towngraph6639
1552Municipal emblem of Takaichi gun takatori TownTakaichi gun takatori Towngraph6581
1553Municipal emblem of Ochi gun kamijima TownOchi gun kamijima Towngraph6556
1553Municipal emblem of Nishimurayamagun asahi TownNishimurayamagun asahi Towngraph6556
1555Municipal emblem of Shintotsukawa TownShintotsukawa Towngraph6548
1556Municipal emblem of Hiroo TownHiroo Towngraph6547
1557Municipal emblem of Ishikawa gun tamakawa VillageIshikawa gun tamakawa Villagegraph6546
1558Municipal emblem of Higashikushira TownHigashikushira Towngraph6538
1559Municipal emblem of Oshima gun isen TownOshima gun isen Towngraph6527
1560Municipal emblem of Nakatosa TownNakatosa Towngraph6473
1561Municipal emblem of Kawanehon TownKawanehon Towngraph6469
1562Municipal emblem of Tokachisogoshinkokyoku ikeda TownTokachisogoshinkokyoku ikeda Towngraph6440
1563Municipal emblem of Kaifu gun minami TownKaifu gun minami Towngraph6434
1564Municipal emblem of Oshima gun wadomari TownOshima gun wadomari Towngraph6427
1565Municipal emblem of Toma TownToma Towngraph6372
1566Municipal emblem of Izumizaki VillageIzumizaki Villagegraph6358
1567Municipal emblem of Tohaku gun misasa TownTohaku gun misasa Towngraph6340
1568Municipal emblem of Kishima gun omachi TownKishima gun omachi Towngraph6306
1569Municipal emblem of Kamo gun matsuzaki TownKamo gun matsuzaki Towngraph6302
1570Municipal emblem of Aso gun takamori TownAso gun takamori Towngraph6253
1571Municipal emblem of Ishikawa gun asakawa TownIshikawa gun asakawa Towngraph6248
1572Municipal emblem of Takagi VillageTakagi Villagegraph6247
1573Municipal emblem of Achi VillageAchi Villagegraph6233
1574Municipal emblem of Oshika gun onagawa TownOshika gun onagawa Towngraph6232
1574Municipal emblem of Agatsuma gun kusatsu TownAgatsuma gun kusatsu Towngraph6232
1576Municipal emblem of Kisosaki TownKisosaki Towngraph6195
1577Municipal emblem of Kuga gun waki TownKuga gun waki Towngraph6187
1577Municipal emblem of Ginoza VillageGinoza Villagegraph6187
1579Municipal emblem of Nomi gun kawakita TownNomi gun kawakita Towngraph6167
1580Municipal emblem of Shimokita gun higashidori VillageShimokita gun higashidori Villagegraph6153
1581Municipal emblem of Kanoashi gun yoshika TownKanoashi gun yoshika Towngraph6139
1582Municipal emblem of Oshima gun tatsugo TownOshima gun tatsugo Towngraph6040
1583Municipal emblem of Akiota TownAkiota Towngraph6034
1584Municipal emblem of Shihoro TownShihoro Towngraph6027
1585Municipal emblem of Nishiaizu TownNishiaizu Towngraph6022
1586Municipal emblem of Ishikawa gun hirata VillageIshikawa gun hirata Villagegraph5900
1587Municipal emblem of Katori gun kozaki TownKatori gun kozaki Towngraph5889
1588Municipal emblem of Chiisagata gun nagawa TownChiisagata gun nagawa Towngraph5887
1589Municipal emblem of Iwate gun kuzumaki TownIwate gun kuzumaki Towngraph5874
1590Municipal emblem of Kurokawa gun ohira VillageKurokawa gun ohira Villagegraph5870
1591Municipal emblem of Shintoku TownShintoku Towngraph5835
1591Municipal emblem of Yamanakako VillageYamanakako Villagegraph5835
1593Municipal emblem of Katsuta gun nagi TownKatsuta gun nagi Towngraph5828
1594Municipal emblem of Oshima gun amagi TownOshima gun amagi Towngraph5806
1595Municipal emblem of Oshima gun china TownOshima gun china Towngraph5796
1596Municipal emblem of Futaba gun futaba TownFutaba gun futaba Towngraph5789
1597Municipal emblem of Kamo gun tomika TownKamo gun tomika Towngraph5751
1598Municipal emblem of Sotogahama TownSotogahama Towngraph5734
1599Municipal emblem of Kyowa TownKyowa Towngraph5730
1600Municipal emblem of Hamanaka TownHamanaka Towngraph5664
1601Municipal emblem of Takaoka gun tsuno TownTakaoka gun tsuno Towngraph5620
1602Municipal emblem of Hachirogata TownHachirogata Towngraph5617
1603Municipal emblem of Kunohe gun kunohe VillageKunohe gun kunohe Villagegraph5608
1604Municipal emblem of Yamatsuri TownYamatsuri Towngraph5599
1605Municipal emblem of Minamitane TownMinamitane Towngraph5550
1606Municipal emblem of Hidaka gun yura TownHidaka gun yura Towngraph5533
1607Municipal emblem of Iwase gun tenei VillageIwase gun tenei Villagegraph5515
1608Municipal emblem of Asuka VillageAsuka Villagegraph5471
1609Municipal emblem of Taiki TownTaiki Towngraph5451
1610Municipal emblem of Shimogo TownShimogo Towngraph5427
1611Municipal emblem of Naganohara TownNaganohara Towngraph5425
1612Municipal emblem of Genkai TownGenkai Towngraph5406
1613Municipal emblem of Niikappu TownNiikappu Towngraph5392
1614Municipal emblem of Takaoka gun ochi TownTakaoka gun ochi Towngraph5376
1615Municipal emblem of Nishiwaga TownNishiwaga Towngraph5364
1616Municipal emblem of Iwafune gun sekikawa VillageIwafune gun sekikawa Villagegraph5322
1617Municipal emblem of Sannohe gun takko TownSannohe gun takko Towngraph5282
1618Municipal emblem of Mogami gun kaneyama TownMogami gun kaneyama Towngraph5264
1619Municipal emblem of Tamana gun gyokuto TownTamana gun gyokuto Towngraph5248
1620Municipal emblem of Shikaoi TownShikaoi Towngraph5247
1621Municipal emblem of Soma gun iitate VillageSoma gun iitate Villagegraph5246
1622Municipal emblem of Naie TownNaie Towngraph5235
1623Municipal emblem of Kesen gun sumita TownKesen gun sumita Towngraph5225
1624Municipal emblem of Tagawa gun oto TownTagawa gun oto Towngraph5221
1625Municipal emblem of Oshima gun yoron TownOshima gun yoron Towngraph5219
1626Municipal emblem of Mogami gun funagata TownMogami gun funagata Towngraph5136
1627Municipal emblem of Shimokita gun oma TownShimokita gun oma Towngraph5125
1628Municipal emblem of Higashiusukigun misato TownHigashiusukigun misato Towngraph5123
1628Municipal emblem of Shibetsu TownShibetsu Towngraph5123
1630Municipal emblem of Myozai gun kamiyama TownMyozai gun kamiyama Towngraph5113
1631Municipal emblem of Oshamanbe TownOshamanbe Towngraph5111
1632Municipal emblem of Yoshino gun shimoichi TownYoshino gun shimoichi Towngraph5107
1633Municipal emblem of Niyodogawa TownNiyodogawa Towngraph5106
1634Municipal emblem of Koyu gun kijo TownKoyu gun kijo Towngraph5081
1635Municipal emblem of Nishikawa TownNishikawa Towngraph5080
1636Municipal emblem of Chihayaakasaka VillageChihayaakasaka Villagegraph5079
1637Municipal emblem of Imakane TownImakane Towngraph5054
1638Municipal emblem of Katsura gun katsura TownKatsura gun katsura Towngraph5053
1639Municipal emblem of Ishikawa gun furudono TownIshikawa gun furudono Towngraph5027
1640Municipal emblem of Niseko TownNiseko Towngraph4996
1641Municipal emblem of Okutama TownOkutama Towngraph4991
1642Municipal emblem of Nakajima VillageNakajima Villagegraph4990
1643Municipal emblem of Takaoka gun hidaka VillageTakaoka gun hidaka Villagegraph4980
1644Municipal emblem of Kamishihoro TownKamishihoro Towngraph4964
1645Municipal emblem of Saroma TownSaroma Towngraph4955
1646Municipal emblem of Yuni TownYuni Towngraph4933
1647Municipal emblem of Kazuno gun kosaka TownKazuno gun kosaka Towngraph4879
1648Municipal emblem of Nakafurano TownNakafurano Towngraph4849
1649Municipal emblem of Nakagawa VillageNakagawa Villagegraph4818
1650Municipal emblem of Kunneppu TownKunneppu Towngraph4810
1651Municipal emblem of Hata gun otsuki TownHata gun otsuki Towngraph4805
1652Municipal emblem of Ama gun tobishima VillageAma gun tobishima Villagegraph4791
1653Municipal emblem of Biratori TownBiratori Towngraph4785
1654Municipal emblem of Rausu TownRausu Towngraph4766
1655Municipal emblem of Iishi gun iinan TownIishi gun iinan Towngraph4725
1656Municipal emblem of Futaba gun hirono TownFutaba gun hirono Towngraph4704
1657Municipal emblem of Kumenan TownKumenan Towngraph4689
1658Municipal emblem of Koshimizu TownKoshimizu Towngraph4676
1659Municipal emblem of Shitara TownShitara Towngraph4618
1660Municipal emblem of Kaminokuni TownKaminokuni Towngraph4615
1660Municipal emblem of Kunigami gun kunigami VillageKunigami gun kunigami Villagegraph4615
1662Municipal emblem of Rankoshi TownRankoshi Towngraph4605
1663Municipal emblem of Ikawa TownIkawa Towngraph4587
1664Municipal emblem of Kijimadaira VillageKijimadaira Villagegraph4579
1665Municipal emblem of Urahoro TownUrahoro Towngraph4544
1666Municipal emblem of Erimo TownErimo Towngraph4516
1667Municipal emblem of Koumi TownKoumi Towngraph4503
1668Municipal emblem of Ochi gun misato TownOchi gun misato Towngraph4499
1669Municipal emblem of Tsubetsu TownTsubetsu Towngraph4484
1670Municipal emblem of Asahi VillageAsahi Villagegraph4478
1671Municipal emblem of Kunigami gun ie VillageKunigami gun ie Villagegraph4475
1672Municipal emblem of Tsunagi TownTsunagi Towngraph4460
1673Municipal emblem of Kariwa gun kariwa VillageKariwa gun kariwa Villagegraph4447
1674Municipal emblem of Atsuma TownAtsuma Towngraph4420
1675Municipal emblem of Anan TownAnan Towngraph4398
1676Municipal emblem of Hino gun nichinan TownHino gun nichinan Towngraph4390
1677Municipal emblem of Kamikita gun yokohama TownKamikita gun yokohama Towngraph4376
1678Municipal emblem of Omu TownOmu Towngraph4339
1679Municipal emblem of Chiisagata gun aoki VillageChiisagata gun aoki Villagegraph4333
1680Municipal emblem of Chikuhoku VillageChikuhoku Villagegraph4328
1681Municipal emblem of Mogami gun tozawa VillageMogami gun tozawa Villagegraph4323
1682Municipal emblem of Taketomi TownTaketomi Towngraph4300
1683Municipal emblem of Tone gun katashina VillageTone gun katashina Villagegraph4277
1684Municipal emblem of Kiso gun agematsu TownKiso gun agematsu Towngraph4276
1685Municipal emblem of Izumozaki TownIzumozaki Towngraph4267
1686Municipal emblem of Kuma gun sagara VillageKuma gun sagara Villagegraph4260
1687Municipal emblem of Shiriuchi TownShiriuchi Towngraph4198
1688Municipal emblem of Nishikatsura TownNishikatsura Towngraph4193
1689Municipal emblem of Tadami TownTadami Towngraph4178
1690Municipal emblem of Kunohe gun noda VillageKunohe gun noda Villagegraph4170
1691Municipal emblem of Samani TownSamani Towngraph4125
1692Municipal emblem of Mashike TownMashike Towngraph4116
1693Municipal emblem of Bifuka TownBifuka Towngraph4112
1694Municipal emblem of Kudoyama TownKudoyama Towngraph4076
1695Municipal emblem of Mogami gun sakegawa VillageMogami gun sakegawa Villagegraph4039
1696Municipal emblem of Nagiso TownNagiso Towngraph4013
1697Municipal emblem of Kikonai TownKikonai Towngraph3956
1698Municipal emblem of Kiyosato TownKiyosato Towngraph3951
1699Municipal emblem of Kaifu gun mugi TownKaifu gun mugi Towngraph3948
1700Municipal emblem of Kawakami VillageKawakami Villagegraph3947
1701Municipal emblem of Minamioguni TownMinamioguni Towngraph3927
1702Municipal emblem of Nakasatsunai VillageNakasatsunai Villagegraph3922
1703Municipal emblem of Fukushima TownFukushima Towngraph3859
1704Municipal emblem of Hinokage TownHinokage Towngraph3844
1705Municipal emblem of Toyotomi TownToyotomi Towngraph3823
1706Municipal emblem of Susami TownSusami Towngraph3822
1707Municipal emblem of Matsuno TownMatsuno Towngraph3814
1708Municipal emblem of Shikabe TownShikabe Towngraph3811
1709Municipal emblem of Tosa gun tosa TownTosa gun tosa Towngraph3784
1710Municipal emblem of Soraku gun wazuka TownSoraku gun wazuka Towngraph3768
1711Municipal emblem of Toyoura TownToyoura Towngraph3759
1712Municipal emblem of Okoppe TownOkoppe Towngraph3755
1713Municipal emblem of Kuma gun yunomae TownKuma gun yunomae Towngraph3752
1714Municipal emblem of Gokase TownGokase Towngraph3723
1715Municipal emblem of Assabu TownAssabu Towngraph3701
1716Municipal emblem of Shimojo VillageShimojo Villagegraph3690
1717Municipal emblem of Aki gun geisei VillageAki gun geisei Villagegraph3672
1718Municipal emblem of Agatsuma gun takayama VillageAgatsuma gun takayama Villagegraph3619
1719Municipal emblem of Kamo gun hichiso TownKamo gun hichiso Towngraph3617
1720Municipal emblem of Pippu TownPippu Towngraph3616
1721Municipal emblem of Kiso gun okuwa VillageKiso gun okuwa Villagegraph3569
1722Municipal emblem of Hiezu VillageHiezu Villagegraph3554
1723Municipal emblem of Otobe TownOtobe Towngraph3520
1724Municipal emblem of Nozawaonsen VillageNozawaonsen Villagegraph3517
1725Municipal emblem of Hamatonbetsu TownHamatonbetsu Towngraph3488
1726Municipal emblem of Nagaoka gun motoyama TownNagaoka gun motoyama Towngraph3425
1727Municipal emblem of Nagaoka gun otoyo TownNagaoka gun otoyo Towngraph3418
1728Municipal emblem of Yama gun bandai TownYama gun bandai Towngraph3407
1729Municipal emblem of Takaoka gun yusuhara TownTakaoka gun yusuhara Towngraph3404
1729Municipal emblem of Kuma gun yamae VillageKuma gun yamae Villagegraph3404
1731Municipal emblem of Kamikawa TownKamikawa Towngraph3398
1732Municipal emblem of Yamabe gun yamazoe VillageYamabe gun yamazoe Villagegraph3378
1733Municipal emblem of Kuma gun kuma VillageKuma gun kuma Villagegraph3368
1734Municipal emblem of Samegawa VillageSamegawa Villagegraph3224
1735Municipal emblem of Wassamu TownWassamu Towngraph3222
1736Municipal emblem of Tone gun kawaba VillageTone gun kawaba Villagegraph3219
1737Municipal emblem of Niki TownNiki Towngraph3216
1738Municipal emblem of Funahashi VillageFunahashi Villagegraph3212
1739Municipal emblem of Kawanuma gun yanaizu TownKawanuma gun yanaizu Towngraph3205
1740Municipal emblem of Ochi gun kawamoto TownOchi gun kawamoto Towngraph3203
1741Municipal emblem of Kawanuma gun yugawa VillageKawanuma gun yugawa Villagegraph3202
1742Municipal emblem of Tanohata VillageTanohata Villagegraph3193
1743Municipal emblem of Shimokawa TownShimokawa Towngraph3186
1744Municipal emblem of Abu gun abu TownAbu gun abu Towngraph3184
1745Municipal emblem of Nanmoku VillageNanmoku Villagegraph3162
1746Municipal emblem of Totsukawa VillageTotsukawa Villagegraph3155
1747Municipal emblem of Sarabetsu VillageSarabetsu Villagegraph3151
1748Municipal emblem of Ogata VillageOgata Villagegraph3142
1749Municipal emblem of Narusawa VillageNarusawa Villagegraph3137
1750Municipal emblem of Nahari TownNahari Towngraph3119
1751Municipal emblem of Mogami gun okura VillageMogami gun okura Villagegraph3107
1752Municipal emblem of Toyokoro TownToyokoro Towngraph3088
1753Municipal emblem of Yamamoto gun fujisato TownYamamoto gun fujisato Towngraph3083
1754Municipal emblem of Tsukigata TownTsukigata Towngraph3080
1755Municipal emblem of Ogimi VillageOgimi Villagegraph3074
1756Municipal emblem of Tagawa gun aka VillageTagawa gun aka Villagegraph3072
1757Municipal emblem of Toei TownToei Towngraph3052
1758Municipal emblem of Yazu gun wakasa TownYazu gun wakasa Towngraph3050
1759Municipal emblem of Kagawa gun naoshima TownKagawa gun naoshima Towngraph3041
1760Municipal emblem of Utashinai CityUtashinai Citygraph3019
1761Municipal emblem of Kenbuchi TownKenbuchi Towngraph3012
1762Municipal emblem of Taiji TownTaiji Towngraph3005
1763Municipal emblem of Obira TownObira Towngraph2996
1764Municipal emblem of Hino gun hino TownHino gun hino Towngraph2990
1765Municipal emblem of Tomamae TownTomamae Towngraph2986
1766Municipal emblem of Shinshinotsu VillageShinshinotsu Villagegraph2979
1767Municipal emblem of Numata TownNumata Towngraph2975
1768Municipal emblem of Teshio TownTeshio Towngraph2973
1769Municipal emblem of Kyogoku TownKyogoku Towngraph2927
1770Municipal emblem of Furubira TownFurubira Towngraph2900
1771Municipal emblem of Ito gun koya TownIto gun koya Towngraph2889
1772Municipal emblem of Suttsu TownSuttsu Towngraph2887
1773Municipal emblem of Aiko gun kiyokawa VillageAiko gun kiyokawa Villagegraph2883
1774Municipal emblem of Moseushi TownMoseushi Towngraph2827
1775Municipal emblem of Kamisunagawa TownKamisunagawa Towngraph2801
1776Municipal emblem of Hino gun kofu TownHino gun kofu Towngraph2775
1777Municipal emblem of Kiso gun kiso VillageKiso gun kiso Villagegraph2771
1778Municipal emblem of Otari VillageOtari Villagegraph2769
1779Municipal emblem of Oketo TownOketo Towngraph2765
1780Municipal emblem of Nishinoshima TownNishinoshima Towngraph2745
1781Municipal emblem of Kuromatsunai TownKuromatsunai Towngraph2735
1782Municipal emblem of Sarufutsu VillageSarufutsu Villagegraph2722
1783Municipal emblem of Higashichichibu VillageHigashichichibu Villagegraph2711
1784Municipal emblem of Shiiba VillageShiiba Villagegraph2692
1785Municipal emblem of Yomogita VillageYomogita Villagegraph2687
1786Municipal emblem of Aibetsu TownAibetsu Towngraph2681
1787Municipal emblem of Omi VillageOmi Villagegraph2668
1788Municipal emblem of Kitashiobara VillageKitashiobara Villagegraph2666
1789Municipal emblem of Niijima VillageNiijima Villagegraph2633
1790Municipal emblem of Aki gun tano TownAki gun tano Towngraph2606
1790Municipal emblem of Ogasawara VillageOgasawara Villagegraph2606
1792Municipal emblem of Minamiyamashiro VillageMinamiyamashiro Villagegraph2604
1793Municipal emblem of Aki gun yasuda TownAki gun yasuda Towngraph2594
1794Municipal emblem of Kumage gun kaminoseki TownKumage gun kaminoseki Towngraph2593
1795Municipal emblem of Kozagawa TownKozagawa Towngraph2581
1796Municipal emblem of Fudai VillageFudai Villagegraph2570
1797Municipal emblem of Enbetsu TownEnbetsu Towngraph2543
1798Municipal emblem of Futaba gun kawauchi VillageFutaba gun kawauchi Villagegraph2523
1799Municipal emblem of Tsurui VillageTsurui Villagegraph2520
1800Municipal emblem of Higashinaruse VillageHigashinaruse Villagegraph2519
1801Municipal emblem of Okushiri TownOkushiri Towngraph2498
1802Municipal emblem of Imabetsu TownImabetsu Towngraph2495
1803Municipal emblem of Takinoue TownTakinoue Towngraph2479
1804Municipal emblem of Imadate gun ikeda TownImadate gun ikeda Towngraph2457
1805Municipal emblem of Sobetsu TownSobetsu Towngraph2429
1806Municipal emblem of Rebun TownRebun Towngraph2416
1807Municipal emblem of Ogawa VillageOgawa Villagegraph2390
1808Municipal emblem of Rishirifuji TownRishirifuji Towngraph2388
1809Municipal emblem of Minamifurano TownMinamifurano Towngraph2385
1810Municipal emblem of Miyake VillageMiyake Villagegraph2383
1811Municipal emblem of Chippubetsu TownChippubetsu Towngraph2365
1812Municipal emblem of Sannohe gun shingo VillageSannohe gun shingo Villagegraph2359
1813Municipal emblem of Ojika TownOjika Towngraph2336
1814Municipal emblem of Rikubetsu TownRikubetsu Towngraph2314
1815Municipal emblem of Aki gun toyo TownAki gun toyo Towngraph2307
1816Municipal emblem of Horonobe TownHoronobe Towngraph2269
1817Municipal emblem of Uryu TownUryu Towngraph2258
1818Municipal emblem of Sanagochi VillageSanagochi Villagegraph2251
1819Municipal emblem of Oki gun ama TownOki gun ama Towngraph2214
1820Municipal emblem of Kamikoani VillageKamikoani Villagegraph2192
1821Municipal emblem of Higashishirakawa VillageHigashishirakawa Villagegraph2178
1822Municipal emblem of Kuma gun mizukami VillageKuma gun mizukami Villagegraph2135
1823Municipal emblem of Kimobetsu TownKimobetsu Towngraph2131
1824Municipal emblem of Hinohara VillageHinohara Villagegraph2112
1825Municipal emblem of Yosa gun ine TownYosa gun ine Towngraph2031
1826Municipal emblem of Asakura gun toho VillageAsakura gun toho Villagegraph2013
1827Municipal emblem of Makkari VillageMakkari Villagegraph2010
1828Municipal emblem of Rishiri TownRishiri Towngraph1964
1829Municipal emblem of Himeshima VillageHimeshima Villagegraph1933
1830Municipal emblem of Onuma gun kaneyama TownOnuma gun kaneyama Towngraph1925
1831Municipal emblem of Shakotan TownShakotan Towngraph1922
1832Municipal emblem of Shimokita gun sai VillageShimokita gun sai Villagegraph1912
1833Municipal emblem of Rusutsu VillageRusutsu Villagegraph1911
1834Municipal emblem of Kozushima VillageKozushima Villagegraph1887
1835Municipal emblem of Kazamaura VillageKazamaura Villagegraph1796
1836Municipal emblem of Hokuryu TownHokuryu Towngraph1756
1837Municipal emblem of Urausu TownUrausu Towngraph1749
1838Municipal emblem of Shimominochi gun sakae VillageShimominochi gun sakae Villagegraph1746
1839Municipal emblem of Tano gun kanna TownTano gun kanna Towngraph1735
1840Municipal emblem of Kunigami gun higashi VillageKunigami gun higashi Villagegraph1731
1841Municipal emblem of Ikusaka VillageIkusaka Villagegraph1724
1842Municipal emblem of Kanra gun nammoku VillageKanra gun nammoku Villagegraph1717
1843Municipal emblem of Oshima gun uken VillageOshima gun uken Villagegraph1700
1844Municipal emblem of Yonaguni TownYonaguni Towngraph1697
1845Municipal emblem of Higashiyoshino VillageHigashiyoshino Villagegraph1672
1846Municipal emblem of Nakatonbetsu TownNakatonbetsu Towngraph1657
1847Municipal emblem of Doshi VillageDoshi Villagegraph1633
1848Municipal emblem of Morotsuka VillageMorotsuka Villagegraph1586
1848Municipal emblem of Yasuoka VillageYasuoka Villagegraph1586
1850Municipal emblem of Ono gun shirakawa VillageOno gun shirakawa Villagegraph1572
1851Municipal emblem of Shiribeshisogoshinkokyoku tomari VillageShiribeshisogoshinkokyoku tomari Villagegraph1561
1852Municipal emblem of Uda gun mitsue VillageUda gun mitsue Villagegraph1553
1853Municipal emblem of Onuma gun mishima TownOnuma gun mishima Towngraph1528
1854Municipal emblem of Katsura gun kamikatsu TownKatsura gun kamikatsu Towngraph1511
1855Municipal emblem of Hata gun mihara VillageHata gun mihara Villagegraph1489
1856Municipal emblem of Aso gun ubuyama VillageAso gun ubuyama Villagegraph1442
1857Municipal emblem of Kamikawasogoshinkokyoku nakagawa TownKamikawasogoshinkokyoku nakagawa Towngraph1440
1858Municipal emblem of Oshima gun yamato VillageOshima gun yamato Villagegraph1432
1859Municipal emblem of Nishiawakura VillageNishiawakura Villagegraph1419
1860Municipal emblem of Shimamaki VillageShimamaki Villagegraph1410
1861Municipal emblem of Uda gun soni VillageUda gun soni Villagegraph1392
1862Municipal emblem of Horokanai TownHorokanai Towngraph1386
1863Municipal emblem of Futaba gun katsurao VillageFutaba gun katsurao Villagegraph1373
1864Municipal emblem of Izena VillageIzena Villagegraph1354
1865Municipal emblem of Yoshino gun tenkawa VillageYoshino gun tenkawa Villagegraph1335
1866Municipal emblem of Nishimeya VillageNishimeya Villagegraph1327
1867Municipal emblem of Yoshino gun kawakami VillageYoshino gun kawakami Villagegraph1321
1867Municipal emblem of Shichikashuku TownShichikashuku Towngraph1321
1869Municipal emblem of Shimukappu VillageShimukappu Villagegraph1315
1870Municipal emblem of Minamidaito VillageMinamidaito Villagegraph1257
1871Municipal emblem of Soraku gun kasagi TownSoraku gun kasagi Towngraph1248
1872Municipal emblem of Aki gun kitagawa VillageAki gun kitagawa Villagegraph1247
1873Municipal emblem of Onuma gun showa VillageOnuma gun showa Villagegraph1218
1874Municipal emblem of Iheya VillageIheya Villagegraph1210
1875Municipal emblem of Tenryu VillageTenryu Villagegraph1204
1876Municipal emblem of Akaigawa VillageAkaigawa Villagegraph1176
1877Municipal emblem of Tano gun ueno VillageTano gun ueno Villagegraph1136
1878Municipal emblem of Shosanbetsu VillageShosanbetsu Villagegraph1125
1879Municipal emblem of Tarama VillageTarama Villagegraph1103
1880Municipal emblem of Nishimera VillageNishimera Villagegraph1102
1881Municipal emblem of Nishiokoppe VillageNishiokoppe Villagegraph1058
1882Municipal emblem of Toyone VillageToyone Villagegraph1057
1883Municipal emblem of Kuma gun itsuki VillageKuma gun itsuki Villagegraph1033
1884Municipal emblem of Hayakawa TownHayakawa Towngraph1002
1885Municipal emblem of Minamiaiki VillageMinamiaiki Villagegraph996
1886Municipal emblem of Oshika VillageOshika Villagegraph977
1887Municipal emblem of Zamami VillageZamami Villagegraph915
1888Municipal emblem of Maniwa gun shinjo VillageManiwa gun shinjo Villagegraph912
1889Municipal emblem of Neba VillageNeba Villagegraph873
1890Municipal emblem of Shimokitayama VillageShimokitayama Villagegraph859
1891Municipal emblem of Aki gun umaji VillageAki gun umaji Villagegraph832
1892Municipal emblem of Kamoenai VillageKamoenai Villagegraph815
1893Municipal emblem of Kiso gun otaki VillageKiso gun otaki Villagegraph732
1894Municipal emblem of Tokashiki VillageTokashiki Villagegraph724
1895Municipal emblem of Kitaaiki VillageKitaaiki Villagegraph719
1896Municipal emblem of Kosuge VillageKosuge Villagegraph706
1897Municipal emblem of Otoineppu VillageOtoineppu Villagegraph699
1898Municipal emblem of Shimajiri gun aguni VillageShimajiri gun aguni Villagegraph689
1899Municipal emblem of Kagoshimagun toshima VillageKagoshimagun toshima Villagegraph684
1900Municipal emblem of Yoshino gun kurotaki VillageYoshino gun kurotaki Villagegraph668
1901Municipal emblem of Oki gun chibu VillageOki gun chibu Villagegraph645
1902Municipal emblem of Kitadaito VillageKitadaito Villagegraph567
1903Municipal emblem of Tabayama VillageTabayama Villagegraph545
1904Municipal emblem of Hinoemata VillageHinoemata Villagegraph522
1905Municipal emblem of Urugi VillageUrugi Villagegraph517
1906Municipal emblem of Kamikitayama VillageKamikitayama Villagegraph479
1907Municipal emblem of Kitayama VillageKitayama Villagegraph427
1908Municipal emblem of Hiraya VillageHiraya Villagegraph394
1909Municipal emblem of Mishima VillageMishima Villagegraph384
1910Municipal emblem of Tosa gun okawa VillageTosa gun okawa Villagegraph377
1911Municipal emblem of Nosegawa VillageNosegawa Villagegraph355
1912Municipal emblem of Tonaki VillageTonaki Villagegraph345
1913Municipal emblem of Awashimaura VillageAwashimaura Villagegraph344
1914Municipal emblem of Oshimashicho toshima VillageOshimashicho toshima Villagegraph310
1915Municipal emblem of Mikurajima VillageMikurajima Villagegraph307
1916Municipal emblem of Aogashima VillageAogashima Villagegraph165

*Source:Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Details
The newest updated about survey by Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for 2021.

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Average(Mean) vs. median of "Basic resident register population (Total)"(Comparison)

This section will tell you about the Average(Mean) and median of "Basic resident register population (Total)" in Japan.

Average(Mean) of "Basic resident register population (Total)"

The average(Mean) for "Basic resident register population (Total)" is 80,497.58person.

*This average was calculated by dividing the total Data of Cities (154152861person) by the number of Cities (1915).

Median of "Basic resident register population (Total)"

The median for "Basic resident register population (Total)" is 29,075person.

*This median was calculated from the 1915 Cities identified in the 2021 Statistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications survey data.

License and DataSet
Title"Basic resident register population (Total)" ranking in Japan (by City)
LicenseCC BY 4.0
SourceStatistics Dashboard by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications - This service uses the API feature of Statistics Dashboard, but the contents of this service are not guaranteed by the Statistics Bureau of Japan.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Japan Rranking of "Basic resident register population (Total)"(by City)

Which City ranks top in Japan for "Basic resident register population (Total)"?The Top ranking City in Japan for "Basic resident register population (Total)" is Yokohama City, with data of 3,759,939person. The rankings are in order of highest value. Check the details.
Which City ranks second in Japan for "Basic resident register population (Total)"?The second place in the Japan ranking for "Basic resident register population (Total)" is Osaka City, with data of 2,739,963person. The rankings are in order of highest value.
Which City ranks third in Japan for "Basic resident register population (Total)"?The third place in the Japan ranking for "Basic resident register population (Total)" is Nagoya City, with data of 2,300,949person. The rankings are in order of highest value.
Which City ranks last in Japan in "Basic resident register population (Total)"?The lowest ranking City in Japan for "Basic resident register population (Total)" is Aogashima Village, ranked 1916th, with data of "165person". The ranking is based on the order of the highest value.
What is the average(Mean) value of "Basic resident register population (Total)" in Japan (by City)?The average(Mean) value of "Basic resident register population (Total)" in Japan (by City) is 80,497.58person. Click here for more information on verage values.
What is the Median value of "Basic resident register population (Total)" in Japan (by City)?The Median value of "Basic resident register population (Total)" in Japan (by City) is 29,075person. Click here for details on sources, licenses, etc.